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2004-11-15 17:32:55

Tourism Reporting Solution for Government of The Bahamas

'Technology is transforming the tourism industry and the Ministry of Tourism intends to be in the forefront of that transformation,' said the Hon. Obie Wilchcombe, Minister of Tourism.

Actuate Corporation, the world leader in Enterprise Reporting Applications, and Indusa Global, a CMM Level 4 Certified Consulting and Software Solutions Provider, today announced a solution for the Government of The Bahamas that will report on and analyze visitor trends, greatly simplifying the task of generating and distributing 1000s of enterprise-wide reports to various Government Ministries and Hoteliers. The solution has been developed and managed by Indusa and utilizes Actuate's Enterprise Reporting Application Platform.

Timely reporting and analysis are key for successful capacity planning and marketing effectiveness within the tourism industry. The Government of The Bahamas and Indusa selected Actuate's Enterprise Reporting Application Platform as the front-end of their solution in order to help better target potential visitors and implement cost-effective tourism promotion campaigns. The Enterprise Reporting Application will track visitor statistics in order to enable the Ministry of Tourism to develop targeted marketing campaigns based on visitor demographics, income levels, purpose of visit, mode of arrival, and visitor preferences. By developing a focused marketing approach, The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism will be able to reduce overall advertising budgets and maximize the effectiveness of marketing programs.

"Technology is transforming the tourism industry and the Ministry of Tourism intends to be in the forefront of that transformation," said the Hon. Obie Wilchcombe, Minister of Tourism of The Bahamas. "We can now improve our productivity because we have accurate information readily available to make intelligent business decisions. One benefit of this information is that we are able to implement better structured programs that bring about the convergence of innovative thinking, people, and technology."

"The key to success in tourism promotion is the identification of the best prospects for tourism products, and thereafter delivering the highest concentration of our marketing messages to those prospects," said Vincent Vanderpool-Wallace, Director General, Ministry of Tourism of The Bahamas. "With Actuate and Indusa, we have found a way to ensure that effective marketing messages are delivered to those in the appropriate income bracket who are inclined to avail themselves of the unique tourism experiences available in The Bahamas."

About Indusa Global

Established in 1995 in Greenville, South Carolina, Indusa is an information systems service firm which in 1999, coined the term Near Shore Outsourcing by establishing its Development facility in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Then in 2002 Indusa established a BPO production facility in Calcutta, India for its IT Enabled Services.

As a technology firm, Indusa is a provider of intelligent business solutions to corporate and governmental organizations globally and caters to all of their information technology needs. Indusa provides its customers a wide range of solutions including:

-- Management and IT Consulting

-- Governmental IT Strategy Planning

-- Data Processing and Conversion

-- Business Rules & Forms Design

-- Business Intelligence

-- Database Design & Administration

-- IT Training

-- Software Development

-- Data Warehousing and Mining

-- Business and Quality Edits

-- Trend Analysis and Reporting

-- Network Maintenance & Hosting

In 2004, Indusa achieved a CMM Level 4 certification for its outstanding commitment to quality. "This certification is not just a significant achievement for Indusa Global but it assures our customers that Indusa has the ability to elevate its own internal software development processes to the highest levels of quality through discipline, rigorous process and best-practices," said Indusa Global President, James Ram. "A commitment to quality is not only the basis for Indusa Global's vision and product offerings, but is also a driving force within our company's culture," said Jo Ram, Chief Operating Officer of Indusa Global.

For more information on Indusa Global, visit the company's Web site at

About Actuate Corporation

Actuate Corporation is the world leader in Enterprise Reporting Applications that ensure 100% adoption by users. Actuate's Enterprise Reporting Application Platform is the foundation on which Global 9000 organizations (companies with annual revenues greater than $1 billion) and packaged application software vendors develop intuitive, Web portal-like reporting and analytic applications that empower 100% of users with decision-making information. These applications are deployed inside and outside the firewall to improve corporate performance across a range of business functions including financial management, sales, human resource management, and customer self-service. When tested against other business intelligence products, Actuate's Enterprise Reporting Application Platform has been proven to offer industry-leading scalability and the lowest Total Cost of Ownership. Actuate has 2,900 customers globally in a range of industries including financial services, pharmaceuticals, insurance, and distribution services, as well as the government sector.

Founded in 1993, Actuate has headquarters in South San Francisco, Calif., and has offices worldwide. For more information on Actuate, visit the company's Web site at

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