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2005-05-21 19:27:15

PM Recovering Without Complications

Despite reports in a local tabloid, neurologist says that the PM did not suffer a second stroke.

At a press briefing yesterday, it was reported by neurologist Dr. Charles Rahming that the PM's convalescence at home has been "uneventful and without complications."

"He is back to normal now. I cannot find any deficits in the Prime Minister at this time. There was no point in time when he had any second stroke. Also, there was no time when he had any deterioration since he has gone home," said Dr. Rahming.

Mr. Christie was released from Princess Margaret Hospital on May 7 to continue recuperating at home after being hospitalised for a slight stroke he had suffered a few days earlier.

Hundreds signed an online Get Well card for the Prime Minister, published by community website, BahamasB2B. The card was printed out and delivered to Mr. Christie shortly after his release from hospital.

Mr. Chrisite is said to be a model patient and is following his doctor's advice. He is also on a good diet plan and is excercising regularily.

"He has been monitored at home by his doctors, nurses, dietician, an exercise therapist, his wife and family," said Mr. Christie's personal physician, Doctor Perry Gomez, prompting one pundit to say it was a good thing the PM expanded his home last year.

Dr. Gomez also announced that, more than likely, the Prime Minister can return to light duties by early June. 

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