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2005-05-23 23:51:54

Magnificent Gift From Generous Insurance Company

Hats off to Family Guardian for $50,000 pledge to Bahamas National Trust.

Family Guardian Insurance Company will donate $50,000 to the Bahamas National Trust to support the development of the National Park System. The company has pledged the funds over a 5-year period.

"The work of The Bahamas National Trust is important to everyone who lives and works in this beautiful environment," said Family Guardian's President Patricia Hermanns. "Family Guardian is happy to contribute to the Trust's ongoing development of the National Park System and in particular the creation of a new protected area at Harrold and Wilson Ponds here on New Providence."

"This is magnificent gift from the Family Guardian. It will benefit all Bahamians, and for this we are deeply grateful," said Christopher Hamilton, BNT executive director. "Corporate gifts are very important to the Trust.

As a non-profit membership organisation, BNT needs to raise 96 per cent of its revenue each year from individuals and corporations. I am confident Family Guardian's leadership will inspire others to step forward to help strengthen the Trust and our national park system."

The donation from Family Guardian comes as a result of a recent event hosted by Bacardi Ltd. in order to launch the Parks Partnership Initiative supported by The Bacardi Family Foundation and encourage other corporate entities to follow their example and support conservation initiatives in the country.

Family Guardian was swift to respond to the appeal and elected to initially support Harrold and Wilson's Ponds National Park, a 250-acre wetland in South Central New Providence. The Trust hopes that corporate support from companies such as Family Guardian, Harrold and Wilson's Ponds will become

the island's first Watchable Wildlife area with viewing platforms, educational signage and information on the importance of wetlands for our islands.

Family Guardian has been a longstanding supporter of the Bahamas National Trust and the environment of The Bahamas. Roscow Pyfrom, one of the founding members of the company, promoted the beauty of The Bahamas through the publication Family Guardian photographic calendar called a "Celebration

of Nature." These calendars continue to be a photographic record of the flora and fauna of our country and as such have created an awareness of the amazing biodiversity present in The Bahamas on land and sea.

From: The Nassau Guardian

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