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2005-05-24 14:38:20

Fifty Arrested in Police Raids on Businesses

Close to 50 persons were arrested this past weekend during raids at several business places, according to police.

Police said warrants were executed at the Le Pond restaurant on Mackey Street, the Village Pub on Balfour Avenue and Club Fantasy on 6th Terrace, Centreville.

Police Inspector Walter Evans yesterday told The Bahama Journal that 47 persons were taken into police custody for gambling, prostitution and solicitation.

Late last year, officers made a similar arrest at Club Cabaret Seduction, a nightclub in the West Ridge shopping plaza.

At the time 76 persons - including patrons of various nationalities, plus the establishment's proprietors - were arrested.

Police officials were also expected to haul two men before the courts sometime early this week following their arrest this past Sunday on drug related charges.

Police reports indicate that the arrest came after Drug Enforcement Unit (DEU) officers observed a Chevy van traveling south on Coral Harbour Road "at a very slow speed."

Officers became suspicious and stopped the vehicle, which had two male occupants, police said.

"A search of the vehicle led to the discovery of 28 crocus sacks and three five-gallon containers of suspected marijuana," Police Inspector Walter Evans said.

"Both persons - a 49-year-old resident of Yellow Elder Gardens and a 32-year-old resident of Coconut Grove - were arrested."

The drugs have an estimated street value of close to $2 million, according to police.

By: Macushla N. Pinder, The Bahama Journal

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