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2005-05-25 14:26:53

Woman Murdered In Grand Bahama

This is the seventh murder in Grand Bahama for the year.

Police believe a man stabbed his young wife to death yesterday as a result of an ongoing domestic dispute.

The husband, who reportedly worked along with his wife in the housekeeping department of the Our Lucaya Resort, was arrested shortly after the incident, according to police.

Authorities said his wife, whose identity had been withheld up to press time, was stabbed multiple times in the neck, chest and abdomen at their apartment on Flyingfish Street in Caravel Beach.

When the Bahama Journal arrived at the crime scene, investigators were collecting evidence from the apartment where neighbours said the couple lived during what they described as a tumultuous relationship.

Inspector Loretta Mackey, assistant police press liaison officer, told reporters that police received a call about the altercation at around 1:45pm and found the woman who was then rushed by ambulance to the Rand Memorial Hospital.

Inspector Mackey said the mother of two young children died in hospital an hour later.

"Reports we are getting is that this was an ongoing feud between them," she told reporters at the scene. "There was a court case coming up and there seemed to be an ongoing domestic problem between them."

Authorities later indicated that the couple had just returned from a court hearing prior to the deadly altercation.

Inspector Mackey said the wife had made several police complaints before about domestic abuse and had also approached the courts with similar complaints.

The wife of the apartment building's landlord sat on the apartment grounds with her head in her hands and a look of despair on her face as investigators combed the scene.

Onlookers slowly gathered at the perimeters of the police crime scene tape, some expressing shock as they learned of what had occurred.

Other neighbours stood across the street, staring quietly from their properties at the apartment complex where several said many fights between the couple had taken place.

Police said the alleged murder weapon in this case was recovered.

The murder is the island's seventh for the year.

Sharon Williams, The Bahama Journal

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