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2005-08-02 09:16:26

Student Killed In Car Crash

There are far too many traffic fatalities for a country the size of The Bahamas.

In another weekend of murder and mayhem in The Bahamas, an 18-year-old college student was killed in a traffic accident when the pickup truck she was driving overturned and slammed into a utility pole on Prince Charles Drive.

Crystal Cassar, a second year student at COB, is the 36th Bahamas traffic fatality recorded so far this year. Another fatal accident in Grand Bahamas this weekend resulted in a 66-year-old woman being killed in a crash only minutes from her home.

Ms. Cassar, who was driving a Ford Ranger at the time of the accident died at 5:02am Sunday and was described by her family as "young, vibrant and beautiful".

The accident occurred at the corner of Trinidad Avenue and Prince Charles Drive, opposite the Elizabeth Estates Community Clinic.

According to relatives, Crystal's neck was broken on impact and her head crushed by the vehicle.

Sherrie Higgs, a passenger in the vehicle was able to crawl out of the car unscathed. It is not know if either Crystal or Ms. Higgs were wearing seatbelts.

The accident prompted the usual rhetoric from the police who issued a waring reminding drivers that a "vehicle becomes a deadly object at high speeds." It is not expected that the police or the government will do anthing other than make their cursory safety comments to the press. It is relatively assured that nothing else will be done to seriously address the carnage on the roads of the Bahamas.

Rogue insurance companies like Security and General are partly to blame for the road traffic chaos, as they fail to enforce the law by allowing reckless drivers to remain on the road. Money, rather than the law, is the determining factor in maintaining an insurance policy with unethical companies such as Security and General

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