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2005-09-08 13:36:25

Juveniles Charged With Kidnapping

Three juveniles appeared before Magistrate Franklyn Williams facing serious charges of kidnapping and armed robbery.

According to police on Friday, Sept. 2, 2005 the accused trio kidnapped Ronial Ferrera. It was further recorded that on the same day, place and time the young men robbed Ronial Ferrera of $150.

The young men were not required to enter a plea to the indictable offences and were remanded until Dec. 14.

In the same court, Margarita Palmer pleaded guilty to a string of charges stemming from an incident at the Rand Memorial Hospital.

Ms Palmer explained that she had just taken her boyfriend to the hospital after he was attacked by her ex-boyfriend. She said she became enraged after the nurse picked up an attitude with her.

Ms Palmer was conditionally discharged with 50 hours community service and one year to keep the peace. She was also order to provide a written apology to the officer and the nurse. If she fails to comply with any of the conditions, she will be fined $150 or serve six months in prison and $25 or two weeks.

By: ANGELO ARMBRISTER, Freeport News Reporter

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