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2005-09-08 14:49:50

Teachers Refuse To Teach in Unsanitary Conditions

Right now all we are doing is allowing a lackadaisical government to take advantage of the needy.

Students of Carlton E Francis were unable to attend school yesterday after teachers refused to teach in what they call "unsanitary conditions."

Yesterday parents and children reported to school only to- be told that classes were post=' poned until next Monday.

According to Jermaine Higgs, chairman of the Bahamas Democratic Movement, parents were notified on Sunday that the school would not be opening yesterday. However, no alternative was provided until Monday night.

Mr Higgs said that during a meeting between parents, the Minister of Education Alfred Sears, and the Director of Education on Monday night, parents were told that students would be sent to various locations for classes.

Those locations included Carmichael Road Primary, Great Bethel Church, and Southland Church of God.

"Now parents who have worked hard, parents who have sacrificed just to get their children prepared for school have to deal with this," said Mr Higgs. "Right now all we are doing is allowing a lackadaisical government to take advantage of the needy.

"This is not happening in the private schools, this is not happening out east and west, this is happening in the grassroot areas. This is a grassroot area. We need to stand behind our people and make the government accountable for what they are doing."

By: Karan Minnis, The Tribune - Nassau, Bahamas

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