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2005-09-09 14:11:23

Prison Escapee Recaptured, Transferred to Maximum Security

Jean was recaptured on Wednesday after he escaped from a work gang at Government House last Friday.

Prison Superintendent Elliston Rahming has issued a warning to all non-violent inmates of Her Majesty's Prison in the wake of the recapture of escapee Nikita Jean.

Jean was recaptured on Wednesday after he escaped from a work gang at Government House last Friday.

Assistant Superintendent of Prisons Aldric Williams, the director of the medium security prison, recaptured him, according to a press statement that was released yesterday.

Authorities reported that Williams received a call from one of Jean's relatives around 2a.m. Wednesday morning and based on the information that he received, went to a bushy area off Cowpen Road where he found the fugitive.

He was immediately taken into custody and is serving the remainder of his sentence in the Maximum Security section of the prison.

"Just yesterday, Dr. Rahming issued a communiqué to all short-term, non-violent inmates reminding them that participation in outside work gangs is a privilege and as such in the event of an escape every member of the work gang is subject to having the privilege of participating in the programme withdrawn," the statement from Her Majesty's Prison said.

The escape of prison inmate Barry Parcoi back in March was another high profile matter.

At the time Supt. Rahming disclosed that Parcoi was the fifth prisoner to escape so far for 2005.

Dr. Rahming noted that over the past six and a half years, a total of 37 escapes took place. Nineteen of them were from Her Majesty's Prison, 10 escaped from police custody, six from the extramural day release work scheme and three from the Princess Margaret Hospital.

He pointed out that out that of these 37 escapes, 32 of them were returned to prison, many of whom were recaptured within hours by search parties from the prison.

From The Bahama Journal

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