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2005-11-15 05:24:56

Feast For The Eyes (and Mind)

The 2nd Annual Bahamas International Film Festival official line-up.

The 2005 Bahamas International Film Festival (BIFF) has announced the official line-up for its second annual presentation of films and panels. The festival will run December 8-11, residing in various beautiful venues, including Atlantis, Paradise Island Resort and the Albany House in the Bahamas.

BIFF is committed to exhibiting films that showcase unique international themes as well as combining both enjoyment and thought provoking concepts via the cinematic arts. Leslie Vanderpool, the Founder & Executive Director of BIFF, screened hundreds of films from all over the world and put together a slate of seventy films. Many of these films fulfill the competition categories of Spirit of Freedom and New Visions in both the narrative and documentary perspectives. "The high caliber of representation of films in this year's festival is incredible," says Ms. Vanderpool. "There are significant messages from many countries with a special concentration in the Caribbean. It will affect the Bahamas multi-cultural community in a powerful way," she noted.

The Spirit of Freedom category, which is presented by Versace, will honor one narrative and one documentary whose subject matters touch upon the filmmakers' personal convictions and journey into the human spirit with ties to themes such as religion, politics and the freedom of expression.  

The New Visions category, which is presented by the Hard Rock Café, will focus on emerging artists who have completed no more than two films, both of which must be narrative. Films entered into the competition categories will be eligible for a Grand Jury Prize.  Other film categories that are non-competitive will include Special Screenings, Family Film, World Cinema, Touching Africa Sidebar and Caribbean Spotlight.

Presented by Lombard Ordier Darier Hentsch, the special tribute and Career Achievement Award  will be presented to Spike Lee.

Special Screenings include:

The Opening Night film BROKEN FLOWERS of the US, directed by Jim Jarmusch, and star studded cast Bill Murray, Julie Delpy, Sharon Stone, Jeffrey Wright, is the tale of a now single man who travels cross country to confront his past and former lovers after receiving notice that he has a 19 year old son and The Closing Night Film, THE MATADOR of the  US, directed by Richard Shepard, staring Pierce Brosnan and Gregg Kinnear, is the story of a hitman and a traveling salesman who through a chance encounter form an intense and powerful friendship that will change their respective lives forever;

The Panels specialize in Film Financing and Producing; Producing in the Caribbean; Marketing, Distributing and Festivals; Actors and Their Directors; Producing Shorts. The Panels will all take place at the Ardastra Gardens Zoo and Conservation Center. A special Music and Film panel, will take place in the Filmmaker Lounge at the Atlantis Hotel. BIFF has invited highly respected and resourceful industry executives to speak on behalf of each category.  

The highlight of the festival will be when world-renowned, award-winning director and actor, Spike Lee, receives the inaugural Career Achievement Award. The award will honor Mr. Lee´s innovative style and his profound effect on cinematic artistry.  The tribute to Spike Lee will open with an onstage interview with the director, during which clips of his films will be presented. The ceremony will be moderated by distinguished film critic and journalist, Karin Durbin. All events will take place at Atlantis Paradise Island Resort; the Albany House; Caves Village; Ardastra Gardens and the Hard Rock Café.

Ticket Information

Passes and tickets can be ordered beginning November 14, 2005. For online access, please visit By phone, you may order by dialing toll-free, 1-800-919-5152.  You may speak to any customer service agent and they will gladly take your order for any film or special event as well as answer any questions you may have. To purchase tickets in person, you may buy them at either the Atlantis Theater or the Galleria 6 JFK Cinema at the time of the festival

Festival Venues

Atlantis, Paradise Island Resort– Atlantis Theater/Marina Village/Royal Deck – Paradise Island, Nassau, Bahamas

Albany House - South Ocean, Nassau, Bahamas
Ardastra Gardens - Chippingham, Nassau, Bahamas
Caves Village – West Bay Street, Nassau, Bahamas
The Cloisters at the One & Only Ocean Club - Nassau, Bahamas
Galleria 6 JFK Cinemas – JFK Drive, Nassau, Bahamas
Hard Rock Café - Charlotte & Bay Street, Nassau, Bahamas

About The Bahamas International Film Festival

The Bahamas International Film Festival is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing the local community and international visitors with a diverse presentation of films from around the world.  In addition to offering films that might not otherwise be released theatrically in the Bahamas, BIFF will provide a unique cultural experience, educational programs, and forums for exploring the future of cinema.  Founding sponsors for the Bahamas International Film Festival are the Islands of the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism and the Atlantis Paradise Island Resort.  Airline partners include British Airways and US Airways. Other sponsors include: Lombard Ordier Darier Hentsch, Versace, Veuve Cliquot, BGC Capital, Bacardi, Pepsi, The Bahamas Tourism Channel 36, Galleria Cinemas, Best Buy Furniture, Federal Express, Hard Rock Café, Albany House, Ardastra Gardens, Zoo & Conservation Centre, Heineken, Chalks and Caves Village.

For more information please visit

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