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2005-11-30 15:06:38

Cowardly Punks Charged

Two Grand Bahamian suspects wanted for a spree of armed robberies were charged in three Freeport Magistrate courts yesterday morning.

Cowardly punks Michael Fowler, 30, of Grenfill Avenue, and Troy McIntosh, 36, of Forbisher Drive, were not required to enter a plea to the seven counts of armed robberies, which police said occurred over a four-week period.

It is alleged that both men robbed a number of clerks at various establishments in Grand Bahama from October 15 through November 26.

Police said the establishments that were robbed included Sir Charles Hayward Library; two Burns House Liquor stores - one in the Churchill Building downtown and the other in Churchill Square; the Liquor Gallery on Queen's Highway; two FOCOL Service Stations - one in Hawksbill and the other on Queen's Highway; and the Food Vendor on Adventurer's Way.

The suspects were denied bail and preliminary inquiries were scheduled for April to determine if there is sufficient evidence to try them.

Fowler and McIntosh were remanded to Her Majesty's Prison in New Providence.

Upon hearing the first four counts in court number one, a shackled Fowler asked Magistrate Franklyn Williams if he could "authorize" for him to see the attorney general regarding matters pertaining to the case.

Magistrate Williams said he could not "authorize" such a thing.

McIntosh, who was also shackled at the feet and had a bandage on his right hand, asked the magistrate that he be allowed to seek treatment at the Rand Memorial Hospital as his bandage had not been changed since he was in police custody.

Magistrate Williams told McIntosh that police officers will see to it that he received medical attention.

Earlier in the day, Assistant Commissioner of Police Ellison Greenslade told reporters during a press conference at police headquarters downtown that tremendous support of the community and the efforts of the police force resulted in the capture of the two suspects.

"Our law enforcement officers have been extremely productive over the past two weeks," Mr. Greenslade said.

"We've recovered a number of handguns, arrested a number of persons committing offences-and all of this is due to the commitment of the officers employed by the taxpayers of this country, and certainly because of the overwhelming support that we enjoy from our communities.

"I cannot stress sufficiently the reason that we are successful is because Grand Bahamians, and Bahamians far and wide, are prepared to cooperate with law enforcement to keep the Bahamas safe and secure for residents and visitors alike."

Mr. Greenslade also said investigations are continuing into the murder of 34-year-old Tyna "Penny" Pinder, who died from a gunshot wound to the head on Friday.

He said one juvenile and one adult male were in custody, and police were still searching for a third suspect. The two suspects were expected to be brought before the courts today.

By: Courtnee Romer, The Bahama Journal

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