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2005-12-08 16:02:21

Bahamian Filmmaker Provides Inspiration for Young Adults

The family film aired before a live audience and promoted as a key issue premarital abstinence from sex in a light and entertaining way.

Bahamian filmmakers are apparently coming up with plots that are timely to the Bahamian environment.

The film "IPPUAA Choose Life" which premiered at The Simpson C. Penn Talent Theatre last Friday received rave reviews, Frank Penn, the producer told The Bahama Journal.

The family film aired before a live audience and promoted as a key issue premarital abstinence from sex in a light and entertaining way.

Mr. Penn said, "It explores the relationships between family members and stimulates dialogue that opens the door to situations that need to be addressed."

Pat Dickinson, who works in the administration office at St. Paul's Methodist College, called the movie "superb."

"The movie was most timely and something needed in light of what we see in the lives of our young people today," she said.

"It is also a reminder for parents and guardians who in their business and critical analysis may have forgotten what it was like to be young."

Sandra Edgecombe, education superintendent for the Freeport District, called the film inspiring and realistic.

"It painted a clear picture of the many problems experienced by today's young people," Ms. Edgecombe said. "It draws upon a situation that could happen in any family [and] did not leave you hanging."

She said the film would be a good tool for persons in a position to provide guidance to others.

"It also spoke to the good in our children if only we take the time to listen to them and try to understand some of their problems," she added.

Another viewer, Lilly Moxey, said the movie reinforces the message of abstinence.

"It reminds the young ladies that there are some young men who will give them the key to their heart with a hotel [or] motel lock," she said.

"For parents and councilors it is an excellent icebreaker for teenagers."

Frederick McAlpine, a religious leader in the community, said the film is "thought provoking, educational and humorous."

He also called it "a useful tool for the discussion of sex, HIV and teenage pregnancy."

Saying that "IPPUAA Choose Life" is his way of positively contributing to the spiritual and social development of The Bahamas, Mr. Penn said for those who would wish to purchase a take-home version, it will be released on DVD on December 10.

By: Daphne McIntosh, The Bahama Journal

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