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2002-09-05 15:43:56

"Emerging Passion" Art Exhibition

Marlon Hunt at The Central Bank Gallery until Sept. 15

After taking the Bahamas Art World by storm approximately one year ago with his first solo exhibition, “Thoughts, Spirits and Reflections", showcased at the Atlantis Resort, Marlon Hunt is ready to reveal a second dose of his mesmerizing yet thought provoking work.

This time the theme is “Emerging Passion" and the venue is The Central Bank of The Bahamas, Sept. 1-15, 2002.

An overnight success (after 15 years of dedicated work) the young artist, winner of the 1993 Central Bank Competition, says, “The title defines exactly where I am mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 'Emerging' describes the process of evolution and transition I came through over the past 16 years and the 'Passion' connotes the intense drive and conviction I feel to produce work that describes my thoughts and conveys my ideas through a system of colors and design."

Now painting full time, he adds, “There is absolutely nothing I enjoy more than expressing my emotions on canvass. I have always believed (as so many famous artists have said) that the works of art they produced were always lying dormant in their specific raw material whether it is stone, wood, canvas or any other material. For me, the same applies. Before I begin any piece of work I can see to a large degree, the finished product before me, sometimes crying to be released from its imprisoned state.

“I feel that with every brushstroke, every color laid and the right timing, I am able to bring to life a distinct idea, thought or experience. I see my role in the entire process as being a facilitator, holding the power to bring to life a plain, lifeless piece of canvas, giving it the opportunity to have a voice and a character of its own."

He continues, “Over the past year, I have been truly challenged as an artist. My entire mode of thinking and lifestyle has been altered in many respects. Due to the unfortunate incidents of September 11th, 2001, just before my show last year my employer downsized the company. Little did I know that losing my job was actually a blessing and an opportunity in disguise. I had always envisioned myself as a world-renowned artist but never had the faith to believe that this dream could really become a reality, until September, 2001. This opportunity presented itself and my thought for all of one minute was that if I was willing to give my ALL to this passion, then accomplishing this dream is possible."

His new life as a professional artist is filled with many challenges and obstacles from finding venues to exhibit work, to securing sponsorship, to maintaining focus and discipline. He explains, “The true reality of this entire journey is that to engage myself in doing what I love compels me to be true to myself and by doing this, every struggle serves to strengthen my foundation and solidify my dreams.

“I believe that one's talents and gifts make room for themselves."

His 2002 exhibition, “Emerging Passion “ is sponsored by MeesPierson (Bahamas) Limited, one of the leading offshore banking institutions in the Bahamas. “MeesPierson, serves as an excellent example of corporate Bahamas linking hands and promoting young aspiring Bahamians to take their dreams to a higher level. I am grateful to both MeesPierson and The Central Bank of the Bahamas for giving me the opportunity to showcase my artwork with their full vote of confidence."

Since Marlon Hunt's first one-man show in September 2001, which practically sold out on the spot, his life has changed dramatically. From no shows to:

• In October, 2001, the Rotary Club of Nassau Annual Art Show held at Government House and hosted by the Governor General Dame Ivy Dumont,

•In November, 2001, the Wine and Art Festival hosted by the Bahamas National Trust and William Brewer Co./Bristol Cellars;

In December, 2001, the Briland Brushstrokes Art Show held in Harbor Island, Bahamas.

Today Marlon Hunt's work can be seen at Kennedy Gallery on Parliament St., Nassau and also at Luna Sea Art Gallery in Rock Sound, Eleuthera.

“In addition to these achievements, several top Bahamian art collectors as well as up and coming art enthusiasts have purchased and found great interest in my work. I am very proud of the accomplishments I have made in such a relatively short period of time, and I look forward with expectation to an even more exciting future… full of possibilities and opportunities." he says.

“I have numerous ideas for new and innovative art ventures that I plan to pursue so watch out because the best is yet to be unveiled."

Marlon Hunt, formerly a quantity surveyor, completed his associate of arts degree from the College of the Bahamas and a Bachelors of Science Degree in Construction Management from Florida International University.

His inspiration, as always, he says, is his wife, Rachael Wagnac Hunt.

Marianne de Tolentino, Cultural Director for Santa Domingo's Centro Cultura Cariforo, dropped into Marlon's first one-man show, last year, while in Nassau to attend the CARICOM Cultural Ministers meeting. She commandeered the microphone and said, “This first show is very mature, very well done. The quality of the work is exquisite, a mixture of joy, love and sadness. His work is very dramatic. You have to look at least twice. First you see the colour and the aesthetic features; then the profound contents and reflect about the spiritual condition." The expert on Caribbean art continued, “For a long time I have dreamed of discovering a divine artist. Nothing is nicer for an art critic than to arrive in a new country, not to criticize but to analyze and stimulate a true talent…The work of Marlon Hunt is Caribbean…because of the life and colour in his paintings. It is Caribbean…because you see the human condition reflected in his work and it is Caribbean because of the faith."

Stan Burnside, Marlon Hunt's “unsuspecting mentor" and former Co-ordinator of Art at COB," says of the younger artist's work, “He cares about dignity. His work is breathtaking…I congratulate one of the country's future greatest artists, Marlon Hunt."

The exhibit wll be up until September 15 at the Central Bank Gallery where you can meet Marlon Hunt… the man and his “Emerging Passion". 

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