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2006-05-02 12:40:11

New Out Island Bahamas Website Unveiled provides an introduction to both this beauty and accessiblity of the long, thin island of Eleuthera, Bahamas.

In the age of the internet, it is becoming more important for a country or island to have a solid presence on the web. This especially applies to a country like the Bahamas, where tourism is the number one business. Having a quality website enables tourism, and commerce in general, on an island such as the Out Island of Eleuthera. For a relatively unknown island like Eleuthera, the internet provides a ready source for a tourists to, intitially, go to for information about what the island looks like, through quailty photographs. It allows the potential tourist with information about exactly where the island is located, the things to do, the gorgeious beaches, and about the restaurants, and watersports activities. AND the unbelievable fact, unknown to many, that Eleuthera is just one hour from Florida by plane.

Most people have no idea about the relatively undiscovered "out Islands", or "Family IslandS" of the Bahamas. These are the major islands of the Bahamas, other than New Providence (Nassau), and Grand Bahama (Freeport), and include the Abacos, Exumas, San Salvador, Andros, Cat Island, Mayaguana, Bimini, Berry Islands, Inaguas, Crooked Island, Acklins, Long Island, and Eleuthera.

"" provides an introduction, through the use of many graphical links, to both this beauty and accessiblity of the long, thin island of Eleuthera. It is no accident that insiders such as Starwood Resorts, a developer of Five-Star resorts around the world, has started a development in Southern Eleuthera, (Cotton Bay). In addition, recently, Sports Illustrated shot their famous, "SWim Suit Issue" in the famous cay, off the north coast of Eleuthera, Harbour Island, on the incomparable "Pink Sand Beach". Incidentally, Prince Charles honeymooned with Princess Diana in Windermere, a cay off the east coast of Eleuthera, and this island, to this day, remains an hidden enclave for British royalty.

In short, these positive attributes of the island need to be promoted to the highly competitive tourist market of the Caribbean. And a top-flight web site is needed to do this for the island jewel of Eleuthera. We feel that "" will help to show the beauty of the people and beaches to the world. Go to the site and explore it; you will want to go, and, like most visitors return again, and again...

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