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2006-08-23 15:37:45

BTC Reveals New Online Tools

A new initiative launched by BTC now allows customers to manage their accounts and pay their phone bills online.

Speaking at a press conference at the Bahamas Telecommunications Company Ltd (BTC) headquarters, Leon Williams, Acting President and CEO of BTC, said the online service allows customers to have 24/7 access to their accounts.

"Four years ago, BTC launched its corporate web site and on that web site we introduced to our customers, for the first time, the ability to view their bills online," said Mr Williams. "At that time, we promised to come back with features that allow them to pay their bills online.

"It's been a long time coming and it is finally here. We are introducing today a self care programme that we have rendered EZPAY. This initiative will allow our customers, [after logging on to] our web site, to pay their bills online with any major credit card."

According to BTC officials, the EZPAY system also allows customers to download telephone and DSL bills, sign-up for new services as well as add and remove service features.

However, the online system is only available for residential land lines, business land lines and TDMA cellular post-paid customers.

GSM cellular post-paid services are expected to be "coming on stream soon."

"What this means to the customers is that they are saving because the customer will now carry out these services for themselves," said Mr Williams. "It therefore means that there are no installation charges. So my advice to our customers is, it is better for you to go online than to stand in line."

James Medick, BTC Chief Information Officer, emphasised that the company took precautions to protect against identity and credit card theft.

"We have put a great deal of thought into that and what we are doing is when you look on the site and you enter the credit card number, the digits are actually masked," Mr Medick explained. "So someone looking at that screen cannot get your credit card number.

"We have also taken measures within the system itself for the storing and retrieval of the credit card numbers, to make sure they are not available to any unauthorised individuals. We are treating the security [of customers' credit cards] very seriously."

By: JASMIN BONIMY, The Nassau Guardian

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