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2006-10-12 08:48:45

People Run For Lives In Shooting

Police are looking for the motive behind a shooting that caused residents of Burial Ground Corner to run for cover and left a 40-year-old male hospitalized.

Shortly after 5 p.m. residents in the area said they phoned police to inform them that the sound of gunfire could be heard on the street. Others said that as soon as they heard gunshots they began to run, without being concerned about what was going on. It was also reported by the residents that during the time of the shoot-out many school-aged children were playing outside.

"All I know is, I heard something that sounded like a gun being fired and I started to run. I know that everyone who was near the area where the gun was heard going off began to run. I didn't see anything else," said a female resident of Burial Ground Corner. "What I am sad about is that there were so many children playing outside at that time and anyone of them could have been hurt."

As the shooting started, another resident of the area said she saw a male lying on the ground.

"After the shooting sound all I could see in the distance was a man lying on the ground. I don't think that he died because he was able to move," she said.

Officers from the nearby Farm Road Urban Renewal office cordoned off both sides of the street, while investigators tried to figure out what led to the incident.

Inspector Walter Evans, police liaison officer, who arrived on the scene shortly after the shooting incident said the police are still in the early stages of their investigation.

"What we know so far is that there was some gunfire in this area of Burial Ground Corner. As a result of that gunfire there was a male who was shot," said Inspector Evans.

"The male was a 40-year-old, who is believed to be a resident of this area. He was taken to the hospital with gun shot wounds and his condition at this stage is unknown."

Residents of the area told the Guardian that the shooting confirms that there needs to be heightened police presence in the neighbourhood.

By: LaShonne Outten, The Nassau Guardian

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