Natural Wonders of the Bahamas

Everyone knows the Bahamas for its year-round sun, brilliantly clear blue waters and powder-soft white sand. These natural wonders are no secret and provide enough of a reason to keep multitudes of visitors flocking to the islands. But that isn't all there is to see. There are many off-the-beaten path but extraordinary sites that are unique to the islands of the Bahamas.

The Wild Horses of Abaco

Wild Horses of AbacoWhere these beautiful horses came from is open to debate but many believe they are of Spanish Colonial lineage. At one time these horses ran in a mighty herd of hundreds but today they are considered the world's most endangered breed with only a mere handful remaining. They are known as the Abaco barbs and are strong in stature with long flowing manes, a rare but treasured sight to behold.

Tongue of the Ocean

The Tongue of the Ocean rests just a few miles off the east coast of Andros and it is known as the world's greatest geologic oddity. This underwater canyon drops precipitously more than 6,000 feet down and is flanked by dramatically shallow waters. It is about 120 miles long and forms the edge of the third largest great barrier reef in the world.

The Glass Window Bridge

Glass Window BridgeThough it is currently in need of a major overhaul, the glass window bridge located near Gregory Town in North Eleuthera, is an impressive sight. It was orginally an extraordinary natural rock arch but after decades of storms it has now been replaced by a man-made bridge. Sometimes referred to as the narrowest place on earth, it is a unique and magnificent spot where the deep dark blue Atlantic ocean meets the shallow aquamarine Caribbean Sea with dramatic contrast.

Bimini Wall

Sometimes called the Bimini Road this is an underwater rock formation which some scientists argue could be remnants from the lost city of Atlantis. The roughly rectangular rocks which resemble an ancient road or wall, hence the name, rest in the waters near North Bimini and stretch about a half a mile. The formation is completely unique to this one spot in the world.

Dean's Blue Hole

Deans Blue HoleScientists have marveled at the "swiss-cheese" foundation of the Bahamas islands which harbour countless blue holes. Plunging down over 600 feet Dean’s Blue Hole in Long island stands out among them because it is the deepest sea water blue hole in the world, and one that has attracted many divers.

Underwater Caves

The Lucayan National Park in Grand Bahama encompasses one of the longest-known underwater limestone cave systems in the world. The system spans more than six miles of caverns and tunnels

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