10 Must-Pack Items For a Bahamas Vacation

Okay, so you're all excited and ready to go on your highly anticipated vacation in the Bahamas. Of course, you are going to pack the obvious - bathing suit, sunglasses, flip flops, medicines or prescriptions - but what other things should you remember to bring? Here is our list of top ten things (in no particular order) that you definitely want to consider throwing into the suitcase before heading to the islands.

hatYou would be surprised how many people underestimate the intensity of the sun in the Bahamas, even on cloudy or overcast days. A good quality brand of sunscreen, SPF 15 or higher, will ensure that a bad sunburn doesn't hamper your vacation. Of course, sunscreen is easy to find in local stores or the hotel's gift shops but why pay double.

Another great way to protect yourself from harmful sun exposure is by wearing a hat. This is true for everyone but especially if you are a man with a high forehead.

Mosquito Repellant
Speaking of protecting yourself, few things ruin that lovely island atmosphere more than having to constantly slap yourself in an attempt to fight off pesky mosquitos. Mosquitos also carry harmful diseases. We suggest bringing bug spray and using it liberally to avoid an itchy problem.

A Book (iPad or Kindle)
Again, great for the plane or when lounging on the beach or at the pool. If you aren't interested in reading a book, pack a few magazines. Reading is a perfect way to relax and wind down while on vacation.

Hand Sanitizer
Whether you prefer wipes or gel, this is an indispensable travel item. You never know who else has petted that iguana lol

Beach Bag (Extra Bag)
This will come in very handy to carry sunscreen, snacks, water, abook or magazine and whatever else you may want to tote with you down to the beach or pool. On a similar note, it is well known that belongings tend to increase during vacation, with all the souvenir shopping, so packing an extra bag might make it easier to get it all back home.

iPod iPod
Great for the plane and for laying on the beach or by the pool. For those travelling with children this could be expanded to include handheld digital games as well. And remember to pack the charger and headphones too.

Dramamine or Gravol
If you are prone to motion sickness you will not want to forget this. Likewise if you are planning a boat outing and are not used to being on boats.

Yes, it's hot during the day but, except for the peak summer months, evenings can sometimes get a bit cool especially if you are on the water.

Simply vital. You will kick yourself (and hard!) when you see a Bahamian sunset in all it's splendor and don't have a camera. Be sure to bring a camera to capture the beauty of the islands and those "Kodak moments" with your family. An underwater camera can open up a whole new world of fun photography - even a cheap disposable. Again, don't forget to bring batteries or chargers.

Vacation time is supposed to be worry-free time when you can enjoy your surroundings and the people you are with. Careful attention to the items you pack can go a long way in ensuring a relaxing and stress-free trip. Bon voyage!

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