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The "Get Well" card was printed and delivered to Mr. Christie's office on May 10, 2005.

Dear Prime Minister Christie,

The following people wish for you to Get Well Soon!

Jeremy Sweeting

Mr. PM, Get well soon, and all the best on a full recovery. Jeremy

Armelle & Aurelia Theriez

Dear Mr. Perry Christie, We wish for your speedy recovery and continuous health. A & A Theriez

Deborah Saunders & Family

Get back on your feet soon, but take your time getting back in the saddle.

Bernard Petit (Artist/Actor/Aspiring filmmaker)

Get well soon Mr. Prime Minister. Get some rest. Don't overwork yourself man, we need you in tip top shape to deal with the affairs of the state. Take a breather every now and then. Take care of yourself and God Bless!

Mackel Johnson (Harbour Island)

Hoping you a speedy recovery so that you can get your shuffle on. So get well soon.

Vanje McBride

Once you put on the character of Christ you will be well, wishing you a speedy recovery.

V Bullard

Gordon and Mary Rodland and Family

Wishing you a speedy recovery, but do get rest and take a well-deserved vacation. Remember, that convalesence is a time for re-visiting everything without the stress of daily work routines.

Vaughn & Angelene Russell

We are alway praying for you and we know, that God will keep you safe. Get well soon.

Kay Francis-Kerr

My Dear Prime Minister I have been praying for you constantly. Do get well soooooon, and take better of yourself as we (& Bernie and the children) need you for a long time. God Bless!!! Kay Francis-Kerr & family

Andrew & Heidi Martin

May you rebound and be stronger than ever as leader of the Bahamas when your recovery is complete; may you prevail in the face of the many challenges that our country has! Our thoughts are with you.

William & Susan Newell

Dear Mr Christie. As frequent visitors to The Bahamas, and being encouraged by your good work in seeking to improve the Bahamian condition, my wife and I wish you all the best in your recovery! Keep up the good work! William and Susan Newell

Raymond L. Jones

Dear Prime Minister, I wish you a speedy recovery. I only learned of your illness this afternoon while following up on the Bahamas News online. I have been away for the past six months on assignment with Hutchison in Mexico. Best Wishes

S Seymour

Dear Mr PM, I wish you a full & speedy recovery and a quick return to work ... though you should opt for a bit of R&R in between .... Inagua would be a good bet :) S Seymour Edinburgh, Scotland


This is the month of favor, I am glad that you are home.

People of Murphy Town, Abaco

Mr. Prime Minister we love you and want you to take your health serious. Come to The Abaco's for some relaxation in the boat. No! No! work. Please take it easy.



P. T. G. Modeling Agency

May God Bless you! Get well soon!!

Herman, Pia & Lauryn Rolle

May God Bless you with a swift and full recovery.

Maggie Moss

May the good Lord continue to bless you.

E George Moss

Mr Prime Minister, I am praying for you. May the Lord continue to protect you!! George Moss

Robert Nutt

Get well soon.

Barry Rassin

Hope you get well soon. Barry Rassin

ramon dorigoni

Get well soon!!

Anna Murray

Many blessings for a speedy recovery. I hope you feel better soon.

Dexter Cooper

Mr Christie, my prayers are with you. & and while I may not live in the Bahamas at the moment, I am aware that we as a people are always connected to each other. I wish you lots of rest and a speedy recovery.


Don't scare us like that again. Hope your up and about soon. Take care. Carlon

William Cline for The Bahamas Diving Association

Dear PM, My Family's Prayers are with you during this time of healing. On bahalf of al the Dive Operators of The Country, we wish you a speedy recovery.

Computer Services and Training, Freeport, Bahamas

Wishing you a full and speedy recovery.

Dr Leatendore Percentie, Boston, Massachusetts

Mr Prime Minister, I am certain that I speak on behalf of the Percentie and Hanna family, especially "Ma Ruby" of Tingum Village in Briland in wishing you a speedy recovery. Best wishes!

Dr. Barry S. Iseard

Get well soon. And remember: Diet & Exercise! First you should take care of your health, then your country!

The Briland Modem Fund

Lay down, our dear brother, lay down and take your rest. We want to lay your head upon the Saviour's breast. We love you, but Jesus loves you best ... we bid you good night. Get well soon! -- Best regards from your friends at the Briland Modem Fund

gertha brave

I am praying for a speedy recovery. God Bless you and your family

Pearl and Yaphath-Toar Colebrooke

We wish for you a speedy recovery and a journey back to perfect health...never to visit this path again! Shalom.

Colina Financial Advisors Ltd.

Our prayers are with you.

Rita Curtis

God blessings to you prime Minister Christie and a speedy recovery. May God strengtnen you and restore you to full health.

Michael Hooper

Get Well Soon and all the best for a speedy and full recovery Michael Hooper and the team at the British Colonial Hilton Nassau

Cedric Moss and Family

Dear Prime Minister: We wish you a speedy and full recovery. Please be assured of our ongoing prayers towards this end.

Tabitha McSweeney

Best Wishes Mr. Prime Minister. Hoping to see you back at the helm soon.

Dr.Anthony Carey

Hard work and sacrifice often propels us to neglect our own health.Set aside some time to mend.There's more to the journey ahead.Good luck.

Royanne Forbes

God knows best and I am sure he knew you needed some rest. So I am praying that you get well soon!



Ambrose (C6ANV)

Enjoy life today yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never arrive.


Wishing you a speedy recovery. Remember you are our Nation's Chief so take care of yourself

Sandra Fountain

I am praying for your speedy recovery. You are our Nation's Chief so take care of yourself



M. Hanna

May God restore your health and strength to His essence of well-being and many blessings to you and your family.

Isaac Collie

I am praying for your speedy recovery


Hope you feel better soon.

Moments like these you realize just how rich good luck you are to so many persons. I bid you: Health, Strength plus Beauty – Godspeed.

Andrea Miller

God is an awesome God, when I heard that you were in the hospital I knew that God has all things under control. Continue to put your trust in him.

Keva Bethel

Dear Prime Minister: Please follow instructions, take it easy and get well soon. With love and prayers for you and your family. Keva B.

Rex Major & Family

Dear Prime Minister, Get well soon! know that our prayers are with you. We love you.


Perry, We are praying for you...but more than ever take this time to rest & relaz. we love you.

The Staff of Rolle & Co.

Get well soon and best wishes for a fast recovery.

Alexia Tsavoussis

Wishing you the blessing of good health! Alexia Tsavoussis.

The Burgzorgs

My family and I wish you a speedy recovery.

"Bahama" Bob & Janice Camis

We pray for your speedy recovery and good health for the future.




I've asked God to send down his Angels 2 watch over u, while family and friends stand by, praying for u 2. may God hold you in the palm of His hand, as He heals u thru the hands of man. may ur healing be swift, ur recovery complete! Get Well Soon!

Kevin Johnson

I pray God riches Blessing upon your life and that you fully recover.

Shervin Evans and Family

We pray for a speedy recovery.

Macushla Pinder

All the best for a swift recovery...You'll be up and about in no time at all...God bless!

Tamara Evans

My prayers are with you.

Mr. & Mrs George & Jillian Pinder

This family wish you a very speedy recovery, with God's blessing.

John & Shezarah Carey

Dear Mr. Prime Minister, My wife and I wish you a speedy recovery. We will continue to pray for you.

Prince B. Hall

We are with you in these dark moments.God would not bring you to this if he could not get you through it. Our thoughts and prayers are with you , your family ,and all Bahamians that hold you dear to their hearts. Prince Brian Hall SJC'69

Delores Rolle

PM Perry Christie, as you recuperate, have someone read these HEALING SCRIPTURES and you repeat them: Isaiah 53 v.5, Psalm 147 v. Psalm 34 vv. 19 & 20. There are many more, I'll get them to you later. Blesings!

Andrea Jackson-Coakley

May God bless you with a speedy recovery.

Cynthia Christie & Verneca Ferguson

Get Well Soon, We Love You!!!!!!!!!

Nicholas and Patricia Fyfe

Dear Mr. Prime Minister: We wish you a speedy and complete recovery

Evans and Sherima Oralhomme

May God Place His Healing Hands On You And Grant You a Speedy Recovery.

Janeen Pinder

Best wishes Prime Minister Christie and meditate on Isaiah 53:5. "And by his stripes we are healed." God bless you . Janeen Jones-Pinder & W.Jones

Leslie Vanderpool

Dear Perry, I wish you a speedy recovery! The Vanderpool family has you in our prayers.

James O. Cole

Hon. PM, I was stunned to hear of your hospitalization. Please accept our sincere wishes for an expeditious and full recovery.


get well soon

Leslie L. Fraser

Hope you'll soon be back in good form!

Andrew Strachan

Wishing you a return to good health

Jack Isaacs

Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Fox Hill

Get Well Mr. Christie.

Debra M Cartwright

Mr Prime Minister, I know you will follow the doctor's advice and be a shining example to the many people in our country who need to take better care of themselves. Please rest fully and then come back even stronger and better than before. God Bless.

Linda Siebert R. N., CCRC, CCRN, MPH

We need you back leading. Godspeed you back to health and wellness.

Larry Richardson

Dear Prime Minister, on behalf of the management of WindErgy, Inc. we wish you a speedy and complete recovery and hope you are resting well. Larry Richardson CEO WindEry, Inc.

Evangelistic Temple

May God bless you with a speedy recovery.

Cool 96 FM...Grand Bahama's Very Own!

Our prayers and thoughts continue to be with you and your family...We can't wait to see you up and about on Grand Bahama soon!


Best wishes for a speedy recovery

Vince & Tonia McDonald

Praying you will experience a measure of God's peace as you recover.

Jackson & Pam Burnside

Best wishes, and a speedy recovery. God Bless you and your family.

Arthur Ferguson

Our prayers and thoughts are with you. Get well soon and rest!!!! Bishop Arthur and Iva Ferguson - COGOP

Joye Ross

Our prayers are with - God is still in control and will perfect that which concerns you!! Paul and Joye Ross

Anna Diedrichs-Shurland

Dear Prime Minister, I am very greatful to learn that you are doing better and I pray that you get your strength and health back soon. Your situation reminded me of Kemuel Shurland, my husband, please get some rest, your country needs you.

Prabhakara Rao

I Pray for your quick recovery and welcome to receive you back on your duties.

Patrick Cartwright

I Wish You A Speedy Recovery Mr. Prime Minister You Are My Commander In Cheif And I Am Proud To Have You As My Prime Minister. Get Well Soon.

Berkley S. Evans

My Dear Prime Minister, Your work has just begun; so you must do whatever is necessary to stay well now and in the future. Get well soon

Angela Cleare

Love you Get Well soon

Stephanie Rahming

May the ONLY GOD who heals, delivers and transforms, continue to be with you.



Patrick & Joy Burrows

Dear Prime Minister, we all wish you a speedy recovery from A-1 Tree Services Ltd. and also from our family, Patrick, Joy, Michael, Patrick jr. & Matthew Burrows. We pray also for our First Lady during this stressful time.We want to see your smiling face.

ricardo marques

as you who feels concerns for others we can do no less than feel concern for you .Get well RM

Candia Dames

Looks like staying away from the Youth March was a good move after all. Get well soon.

Lynnette Seymour-Gardiner

Get Well soon Sir, From Mr. Donavon & Mrs. Lynnette Gardiner

Freeport Resort & Club

The silver lining in your temporary cloud is that your supreme advisor sent this signal early. Taking better care of yourself now will enhance the opportunities to better serve your country in the future.

Brenda Barry

Please take care of yourself. We are all praying for your speedy recovery.

Anthony Morley

Dear PM: My prayers are with you for a speedy recovery. Continue to do well.

Glenn Pritchard

Dear P.M. We're so sorry to hear that you are not feeling well and we all wish you a speedy recouvery fron the management & staff here at Bahamas Food Services

Bettye M. Stubbs

My prayer is that you will have a speedy recovery. Take care of yourself. Best wishes, Bettye Stubbs


Love and prayers for a speedy recovery! We love the Bahamas! Richmond, VA

Salvation, Healing & Deliverance Prayer Ministry

The Hon. Prime Minister, Perry G. Christie, we are thankful to God for being merciful to you. May God give healing & peace you and your family as you serve, our beloved country, The Bahamas. (Minister Delores Kelly & Family)

Owen Burrows & Family

We pray God's blessing upon you for a speedy recovery.

Shelly & Marc Bordon

Hope you are feeling better soon. We are huge FANS of the Bahamas and have been there twice in 3 years. Take good care.

Mrs. D. Patricia Kemp-Rolle

The Hon.Prime Minister, Perry G. Christie, of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas, it is our prayer that the Lord continue to heal and strengthen you, Mrs. B. Christie & Family. Thanks be to God for you.

Shantell Stubbs

I am praying for you!!


Praying for a speedy recovery

Southern Air's management &staff

wishing you a speedy recovery

Marlon & Garril Johnson

My family and I all wish you a speedy recovery. And take it easy for a while....Your nation will continue to need your energies and talents for some time to come....

Garril Johnson

The Management and Staff of Premium Patties & Bake Shop wish you a speedy recovery. May God continue to bless yoy.

Axel Mixa aka Floridacargocat

Get well. Your family needs you.





The Man

Hope You Get Well!!

Nick Finneran

Get well soon, sir. Eat soup!

Islandeaze Realty Ltd

May God bless and Keep you

dillets guest house

Get well soon

Rudy Malone

Hello Mr.Christie.Here's hoping that you will soon be well and making us so proud of you.God bless.Rudy Malone,Hope Town



John Christie

Wishing you all the best!

C. Powell

I pray for a speedy recovery

Daniel & Sylvia Turner of England

Sir please get some rest so you cant continue running this small yet so beautiful chain of islands you so blessingly call home. With love Dan & Syl

Alan Bloomberg (New York)

Get Well Soon Mr Prime Minister

Tareco Laing

Wishing you a speedy recovery

Patrick Getsby of New Hampshire

Get Well Soon Mr Christie From a Fan and admirer of you country.:)

K. J. Strakan

May the Lord bless you and bring you through this stronger than ever.

Charles La-Roda

May you have a well deserved rest and a full and speedy recovery.

dwight bonamy

wishing you a healthy recovery

Erma Johnson

Dear Mr. Prime Minister on behalf of my family and I we pray to God for your quick recovery.

Clarabell Williams

Dear Prime Minister, I hope that you recover soon and may the good Lord bless your soul.

Kareem McIntosh

dear Sir prime minister, i am 8years old and i hear my family sayin u sick. i pray you get better soon. amen

Rudley and Kiram McIntosh

Dear Mr. Prime Minister, we hope you recover soon, we are depending on it. God Bless

Craig P. Fox

May God continue to heal your body, mind and spirit as you continue to lead our beloved Bahamas!! May his purpose in your life be fulfilled.

Jervin Smith & Family

Get Well Soon


Hope that you get well soon and get back to the country business. Get all the rest you can now.

Hope your feeling better soon. You have alot of friends concerned with your well being.

Rodney & Frances Williams


Warmest Wishes for a Quick Recovery.

Alan Davis

Best wishes from Alan C. Davis, Director Broward County Animal Care Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Cliff Mayhew

Prime Minister: It is a pleasure to visit your islands on a regular basis. Please get well soon in order to enjoy the beauty bestowed upon your island country.

Lindsay Thompson

Get well soon, Mr. Prime Minister. And do rest. Doctor's orders. God Bless, Lindsay

Mike Dean

You have the heart for the Bahamian people as Sir Lynden.

Peace and Plenty

The staff, management and ownership of the Peace and Plenty wish you a speedy recovery.

Michael and Alison Hamilton

Our very best wishes for a complete and speedy recovery.

Bill Valentine

Dear Prime Minister: I hope that when you receive this message, you are in good health and high spirits. I wish you a speedy recovery and with the proper guidance I hope you can avoid similar problems in the future. God Bless you.

Charles & Tamara Frith

Prime Minister we wish you a speedy recovery and that you will be back on your feet doing your shuffle. In future take a break, go to Exuma, lay on the beach, swim, do nothing for a week. The country needs you but your loving family needs you more.

William Booth (student)

Prime Minister, I am looking forward to seeing you bust the move(the shuffle)again. Wishing you total restoration.

Michael A Smith

Get well soon. We need to guard our health carefully. It is a gift from God. Eat moderately, with exercise and ample rest is the key. All work and no play...Get well soon.


I hope you get well soon sir I am praying for not that I'm a big fan of yours but I guess it was the rite thing to do. So you will be in my prays. Get well soon and God Bless you Mr. Christie.

Mr. & Mrs. Chester ans Shanala Sawyer

Dear Mr. Prime Minister, it is our prayer that you will recover very soon. GOD BLESS YOU

Mrs. Agnes G. McIntosh

To my beloved Prime Minister, it is my prayer that you will get well soon. Know that God is able to do abundantly, above all that we can ask or think.

Shenelle, Brad Jr., Sheena Wood

Get Well Soon the Honorable Prime Minister Perry Gladstone Christie, it is our prayer that God will raise you up soon to continue your role. God Bless You Sir.

Emily Jolly & Daniel Johnson

My beloved Prime Minister , God is our refuge and strength , He is the great physician , He can do anything but fail. Get well soon. with all our love.

Mr. & Mrs. Brad and Andrea Wood and Family

Our beloved Prime Minister, we truly thank God for a Job well done and for His gift of health and healing to you. You are always in the hearts of the Bahamian people, get well speedily in the name that is above all other name JESUS CHRIST.

The staff

Praying for your quick return to full health.

Rudolf & Pyvonne Schmid (Merlin Video Production Nassau Bah)

Prime Minister, We are praying for you. We know that God will quickly raise you up even better than before. May God continue to bless you and your family.


You and your family are in my prayers. May God Bless and Strengthen all of you.

Mr. & Mrs. James Booth

To my dear Prime Minister, to them that trust in the Lord shall be as mount Zion which cannot be removed, they shall mount up like wings. It is prayer that you will recover very soon. God Bless you

Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Sonia Yankey

It is my prayer that God will bring healing to your body and grant you long life.

Patricia Rolle

God bless, heal and strengthen you and your family during your 'brief' illness. Yours in Christ. Pat

Johnny Saunders Sr. & Family

We are praying for you.

David Stenson

Dear Mr. Prime Minister, Wishing you all the best in your recovery, Kind Regards, David Stenson, Alsten (Abaco), and the staff of Banyan Beach Club

Airport Business Centre

Our prayers for a quick rebound. The country needs you.

Ambrose & Sheila Smith

We pray for your speedy recovery and God's richest blessings as you adapt to a change in diet etc.

Pastor Kent Andrew Price

We the members of the Seventh-day Adventist Churches in Exuma Bahamas are praying for you. May God Bless you and bring you to good health. We love you.

Randy Albury & Family

Take that rest and stay healthy. Our prayers are with you. Get well soon!

Peter J. Roberts

I wish you well, because you care about your fellow Bahamians and residents in the Bahamas. Most sincerely, Peter Peter J. Roberts The Bahamas DNA Project

Star Publishers

Dear Prime Minister, We pray for and wish you a speedy recovery. Thank you for all that you've given. Bob Bower and the team at Star Publishers.

The Cove Family

Your friends at The Cove Wish you a speedy recovery and return.

Dr. David Allen and The Renascence Institute Int'l

Best wishes for a quick recovery.

Iola Saunders

All the best for a full and quick recovery.

Ash and Sherry Barmania

Best wishes for a quick recovery from Canada.

Philip Smith

Your team in Ottawa continues to pray for your early full return to service.

Preston L. Cooper

dear prime minister, my prayers are with you. my family & i wish you a speedy recovery. God Bless.

Drexel S Pinder Sr.

Mr. Prime Minister I am praying that God will grant you full recovery. Jeremiah 29:11


Thank you for your hard work but please take it easy for now.

Bent Tolstrup

Best regards from Denmark, and, I certainly hope you get better and back to normal life ASAP! Looking forward to seeing you again, and to the execution of our plans as to farming & fisheries. Best Wishes from Bent Tolstrup

Craig Pyfrom

We the staff of DC Technology have you in our prayers and wish you well and a speedy recovery.

Wallace Sands of Atlanta, Ga

05/04/05 Get well soon. Your people need you. Wallace Sands

Robert Farquharson

On behalf of the members of the BCPOU I pray that the god of Heaven Will heal your body and make you strong.

Christen and Mother Christine Seymour

God Bless You!

Patricia DAWKINS

The Ferguson's wish you a speedy recovery, God bless and keep you

Henderson Seymour

Get well soon, Minister!

Beverly Hilton

Best wishes for a speedy recovery

Doyle Fox

Mr. Prime Minister I hope that you have a speedy recovery and please take a break as it is not only the country that needs you but your loving family that needs and depends on you.

R. Sands

All the best!


Please get well soon!

Kathy Dwyer

Dear Perry, I hope you feel much better soon, I also have the same condition. In such a busy world it is hard to take time to relax, but we really need to. Take care and I will pray for a speedy recovery. Best wishes for you and your family. Kathy Dwyer

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Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

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