Bahamas e-Commerce Solutions

Why Use My BahamaShop?

  • You want a complete e-commerce solution.
    You'd like to be able to have a destination web site, populate it with your own products, and be able to accept secure credit card transactions.
  • You want your own website with your own branding.
    You want a web site where you control the design, functionality, and are able to promote your business throughout.
  • You want to sell new items.
    You are either a manufacturer of new products, or you buy them wholesale and resell them.
  • You want to sell fixed price items.
    You don't want to leave the sell price up to demand in the marketplace, or what a buyer offers you - you'd like to be able to set your own price.
  • You want to offer items "on sale."
    You sell clothing, for instance, and each season, when the new line is available, you'd like to be able to discount the older line, offering them for less than their original price.
  • You have an inventory of items that you regularly replenish.
    You sell gift baskets, as an example, and when your supply is getting low, you either create more or reorder them.


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