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Build a web site that is
 unique to you!

1. Browse our templates for a page layout that you would like to use for your pages.

2. Upload the images you are going to use on your cart pages to your site. Instructions for the file upload are on the upload page.

3. Click on the template or link and login to the Web Cart Wizard using your user name and password.

Page Headers

The Header for your page is the Large Type Text that appears at the top of the page. You can select the color, size, and font for the header. If you would like to use a banner or logo instead of a Text Header, just upload your image and type the image name in the header box on the form.

Page Sub Headers

A Sub Header or Sub Title is larger type than the text and is bold. You can select the color, size, and font for the sub headers. Many templates have more than one Sub Header. Most of the Sub Headers are optional.

Images for your pages

When making your images for your cart pages keep in mind that they should be as small of file size as possible. The Cart Page image should beabout 200x200 pixels. We recommend that you save the cart images at 72 pixelsper inch for best load time. The enlargement image should be no larger than400x400 pixels.

Help is never far away

Help with each step of building your page can be found on screen just where you need it.
The Online Help Desk is always available from the top menu while you are building your pages.


Getting Your Text ready
 for the page.
  • When you are getting your text for your pages ready, we suggest that you use "Word pad" or a similar word processor and format your text off line.  Then, just copy and paste the text in the text area on the form when building your page. It is a good idea to save a copy of your text on your computer for backup.

    One feature of the Web Page Wizard is that you may format your text just like you want it to appear on the page. The wizard will place the HTML tags where they need to be.

    You may also use HTML tags in your text for your pages. If you use HTML tags the wizard will not do any formatting of your text.

Editing Your Pages
  • To edit a page you have created, simply click on the "Edit a Page" link. Login to the Web Page Wizard and select the page editor or site map editor. You can edit any item on any page, change colors, text, button style, or add more to the page.


  • To edit Your Menu page, Login to the Web Page Wizard and click on the "Edit Menu" link, then follow the instruction on the page.


  • File Management
    With the File Management Program, you can rename files or delete files that you no longer use.

We recommend using Internet Explorer while using this program to build your website.

Click Here to download Internet Explorer.




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