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Bahamas Memorial Service for Anna Nicole Smith

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Gaggle of international media attend the service

International media, including CNN, ABC, Fox News and E-Entertainment,  descend upon the Church at Sandyport
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Virgie Arthur
Anna Nicole's estranged mother Virgie Arthur arrives for the Memorial Service.
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News: Anna Nicole Smith in The Bahamas

Richard Milstein
Richard Milstein, court-appointed guardian for Anna Nicole's baby daughter DannieLynn speaks to reporters..
Anna Nicole's coffin
Pallbearers carry the decorated casket of celebrity Anna Nicole Smith into the church at Sandyport.
Memorial Service for Anna Nicole Smith
Anna's casket is draped in a pink fabric decorated with rhinestones.
Church service at Sandyport
All is quiet on the outside of the church during the 45 minute service attended by 300 selected guests.
Loved ones line the red carpet
Family, relatives and friends line up alongside the red carpet as Anna Nicole's casket is placed in the waiting hearse.

Grieving loved ones
Larry Birkhead, his lawyer Debra Opri and Howard Stern watch the movement of the casket carrying Anna Nicole Smith's body.
Funeral procession
Anna Nicole Smith takes her last trip down the red carpet.

Hearse leaves for Lakeview Cemetery
The hearse carrying the body of Anna Nicole Smith leaves the church to go to the private burial at Lakeview Cemetery.

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