The Passion of Our Lord

Christians throughout the Bahamas started the Easter weekend by attending church on Good Friday. The congregation of St Thomas Moore, in Nassau, put on a re-enactment of the Passion of Our Lord according to the Gospel of John. It was a good performance that showed off the dedication and talents of several members of their Christian community.

Directed by Kevin Strakan, the performance was a moving depiction of the last hours in the life of Jesus Christ. It lasted about an hour and received favourable reviews from the hundreds of people who attended.

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Narrator - Wendy Forysthe
Jesus Christ - Philip Carey
An-nas the High Priest - Thomas Dean
Cai’a-phas Chief Priest - Joseph Gibson
Pilate - Ernst Rumer
Mary - Nicole Allen

Simon-Peter - Arthur Seymour
Other apostle (the high priest Court Yard) - Rubin Knowles

9 other apostles - Glen Wright, Ayden Cargill, Michael Forysthe, Darion Smith, Ahmad Mcphee, Mikhial Mcphee, Christopher Mackey

Judas - Harriss Gibson
Jewish Guards - Albert Cartwright, Simon - Wallace

Tribune - Alfred Coakley 
Roman Soldiers - H. L. Rolle, Mr. Homer, Richard Cartwright, Michael Adderley, Barry Homer

Slaves/Mal’chus ( Garden) - Larry Homer
Slave (relative/Mal’chus inside courtyard) - Cheryl Turnquest
Servant Girl at the Gate - Vilma Homer
Group of Speakers\The Jews - Ruth Deveaux, Ricelia Wright, Gladys Gardiner, Cyrene Pinder

Mary the wife of Clo’pas - Doreen Peters
Mary Mag’da-lene - Peggy

Doreen Peters
Kevin Strakan

Harriss Gibson
Simon Wallace
Phillip Carey
Mr. Alan Homer
Kevin Strakan

Arthur Seymour

Director of Music
Mrs. Kim Carey


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