Topic: ignorance

5 years ago

Nothing New Under The Sun


The action of the opposition MPs, exclusive of Edison Key, was commendable. It was commendable some years back when a PLP member was ejected from the House and PLP MPs did the same thing. Why is it disgraceful now when the FNMs do it?

6 years ago

Davis Must Learn His Portfolio


Rather than promising to keep shopping for engineers who may rubber stamp popular positions that accommodate bad driving habits, the deputy prime minister should encourage all Bahamian drivers to observe the rules of the road.

7 years ago

Or, Maybe Tourists Just Don’t Like It Here


Local news article reveals the ignorance of the Bahamas Minister of Tourism as he blames the decline in tourism on a shortage of cheaper rooms, instead of the increasingly unappealing nature of The Bahamas.

8 years ago

Straw Vendor Queen Responds To Nicki Kelly


In a diatribe rife with inaccuracies, convoluted logic and ridiculous statements, the self-centered Esther Thompson makes a feeble attempt to respond to valid criticism against the ‘ungrateful’ straw vendors.

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