Remilda Rose designs by Gillian curry

Bahamian Clothing Brand Remilda Rose by Gillian Curry-Williams

Writer: Mia G Gillian Curry-Williams was born on January 8, 1964, in Nassau, Bahamas.  Her parents, both sewed and tailored clothing in their spare-time.   At age 14, she began cutting fabric and sewing for her mother. While her parents did not initially support her interest in the field of fashion, they later became her […]

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Flora and Fauna: Exhibition by Bahamian Artist Dyah Neilson

From underwater scenes to dry land, and from coastlines to the thick of Bahamian coppice forests, soft colours and tropical scenes play a prominent role in the work of Bahamian artist Dyah Neilson, who is known for the use of metaphors in many of her acrylic paintings. And her newest exhibition, Flora and Fauna, which […]

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Thanksgiving in the Bahamas

Thanksgiving Day in the Bahamas does not feature quite as much pomp and splendor as is seen in the U. S. A., and it is not a national holiday, but it is recognized and heartily celebrated nation-wide.

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Featured photo of Designer Apryl Jasmine

Bahamian Fashion Designer Apryl Burrows

Writer: Mia G Designer, Fashion Illustrator, Stylist, and Fashion Fine Artist, Apryl Burrows is one of the Bahamas’ most recognized designers of her time and an influential member of the local Fashion Community.  During her adolescent years, she began pursuit of her fashion career.  She worked alongside fashion giants, Sabrina Francis and the late, Jefferey […]

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