Acklins / Crooked Island

Acklins and Crooked Island BahamasAcklins Island and Crooked Island are hard to reach, have very limited tourist facilities, and appeal to people who want to escape civilization. The clear waters offshore offer good snorkeling and diving, and you’ll have the sandy beaches to yourself. These islands are populated by only a mere 1,000 souls; lodging is available on Crooked Island only.{tab=Getting Here}The Bahamas can be reached quickly by air or by sea. Easy access to The Islands Of The Bahamas makes this tropical playground a popular year-round vacation destination. Its proximity to Florida means just a short hop by jet, a pleasant day by cruise ship, or a memorable voyage by private or charter boat. Explore your options for travel to the Bahamas.
Getting between Acklins Island and other Bahama Islands.
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Mailboat – Inter-island mailboats depart from Nassau and run weekly roundtrip to/from all islands. The mailboats are a leisurely way to get around. One-way passage to just about anywhere costs around $35, ranging up to $140 for some round trips. Remember, these mailboats run on Bahamas time, so they’re a great way to slow down to the steady rhythm of the islands. For a list of all Bahamas Mailboats with island destinations visit the Bahamas Mailboats page on
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Restaurants on Acklins and Crooked IslandAcklins Restaurants
Acklins and Crooked Island, Bahamas offer only a few places to eat. But here, you are sure to find down-home authentically Bahamian cooking. We offer our comments from the establishments we have visited and from visitors recommendations.
Pittstown Point has its own restaurant featuring some of the the finest cuisine in the southern Family Islands. The Friendly all Bahamian staff prepare freshly caught local Grouper, Snapper, Tuna, Mahi Mahi, Lobster and Conch, along with salads and fresh vegetables and fruits flown in each week.
The “Sunset Bar & Grill”, located just steps away on the beach overlooking Bird Rock Lighthouse, has a full cocktail bar, ice cold Bahamian Kalik and domestic beers, tropical frozen drinks, music, big screen TV, and dance with the “Rake & Scrape” local band on Saturday night. Check out the “Happy Hour” snacks, same day sushi, goat pepper salsa & chips, conch fritters, to name a few, and don’t forget the World Famous “Crooked Grouper Sandwich” served on a freshly baked island bun, with secret sunshine sauce, served daily at the bar, on the beach, or in the restaurant.

Acklins BahamasThere are few accommodations on Crooked Island and none on Acklins, to our knowledge. Most people who visit Acklins or Crooked Island come for fantstic fishing, incredibly clear water and deserted beaches.
Bird Rock Lighthouse – Enjoy the best of Crooked Island while staying in rooms once occupied by the lightkeepers in this restored lighthouse originally built in 1876.
Pittstown Point – Pittstown Point is situated on the North West tip of Crooked Island, one of the southern most islands in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. Located 400 nautical miles south east of West Palm Beach Florida.
Pittstown Point has its own 2000 foot paved airstrip on site, which is currently being extended to 3500′. Private aircraft may land at the Resort airstrip, no landing fee for guests, no fuel or Customs available at this time.

Acklins IslandAcklins and Crooked Island attractions range from unusual natural formations, to quaint little villages and historical sites that give one a peek into the islands’ past. While enjoying your Acklins Bahamas vacation there are hundreds of activities on land and sea to choose from; sailing, windsurfing, parasailing, fishing, snorkeling and scuba diving, golf, photo tours, biking and hiking.
Acklins Attractions:

Lovely Bay

Location of the ferry to and from Crooked Island; its schedule coincides with flights at Colonel Hill airport.

Snug Corner

The residents of this “corner” of the island are almost outnumbered by the church steeples.

Spring Point

Acklins’ capital and the location of “Outside Kitchen,” a stonehouse ruin smothered by flowering bushes.

Delectable Bay

The interpretation of the name is left to the imagination; this “town” has just a few houses and lots of vegetation.

Pompey Bay

Sleeping remains of plantation rock walls reflect the atmosphere of the town.

Offshore Islets

Castle Island, off the southwest tip of Acklins has a conspicuous 1867 lighthouse once used as the retreat of pirates who attacked ships in the nearby passage. Sailors might also want to check out the Mira Por islets and the Samana Cays.
Crooked Island:

Bird Rock Lighthouse

This 112-foot lighthouse built in 1872 stands on the cliffs at the northern entrance of the Crooked Island Passage. Christopher Columbus is said to have anchored here for a short period.

Caves of Crooked Island

The stalactites and stalagmites take on unusual forms and shapes, to some they resemble the ruins of churches and castles.

Colonel Hill

The highest point on the island, with an unmatched view.

French Wells

Remains of fortifications, including an old cannon, stand as reminders of the colonial period.

Hope Great House

The house was the centerpiece of a 19th century plantation around the time of George V of England. Now the ruins are embraced by aloe and other plants from the orchards and gardens. It is a protected Bahamas National Trust landmark.

Landrail Point

This northern port was the site of The Islands of The Bahamas’ first general post office; its remaining walls are part of the Pittstown Point Dive Club at Pittstown Landings.

Marine Farm

An ancient British fort, it guards the north entrance of the Crooked Island Passage.
Crooked Island Bonefishing
Crooked Island fishing for the serious angler and novice alike. Offshore fishing with Captain Robbie Gibson. Fish in water that few other sport fishing boats are touching. Daily catches often exceed thirty fish with near world record wahoo catches not uncommon.