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Crocs tops the charts as the world's most popular fashion brand

Crocs tops the charts as the world’s most popular fashion brand

The primary objective of any fashion or beauty brand is to make an emotional connection to motivate consumers to make a purchase – whether they are selling the latest anti-aging serum or a simple pair of socks. Brands who have successfully developed a solid branding strategy are more likely to establish a solid foundation for […]

Cable: Bahamians watch more Netflix than our TV

Cable: Bahamians watch more Netflix than our TV

Cable Bahamas has admitted that household penetration of pay-TV services plunged by 21 percentage points in seven years because Bahamians now spend more time watching Netflix-type streaming services. The BISX-listed communications provider, in its just-published response to a regulatory review of the pay-TV, Internet broadband and fixed-voice markets, argued that its position in the TV/video […]


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