Bahamian Music

Bahamian music has, for a long time, been centered on Junkanoo, the big Bahamian annual holiday famously featuring elaborate parades on Bay Street in downtown Nassau. Junkanoo music is an intoxicating combination of African and Caribbean rhythms, often played with drums and various skin or pipe instruments. Most of what is known to tourists as […]

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Baintown Outreach - Dragon's Lair

Dragon’s Lair

Dragon’s Lair Dragons Lair is a community-based project created by the Bain Town Outreach Program (BOP). The group’s vision was to create a place where young aspiring artists from all across the Bahamas could come to show their talents. It is open to all performance artists, not just rappers.

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Da Buzz

Music Industry Buzz

Catch the latest news and gossip on the music industry; urban pop, culture, reviews, celebrity interviews and more, from all the top sources.

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International Breakdance Competition

Floor Wars 2010

International Breakdance Battle Floor Wars 2010, an international breakdance event was held in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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