Single By Choice

Single By Choice


Single By Choice

Word on the street is Bodine’s single.

Single By Choice

Bodine “Be” Johnson’s New Single

Be has a new single and her new song has the word single in it (a few times).

‘Single by Choice’ is the new anthem for every woman who enjoys living the single life.  The feel good, Caribbean tune is the first release of 2011 in anticipation of Bodine’s first full-length studio album, ‘The BeComing’.

‘Single by Choice’ promotes elements of the Caribbean nightlife experience: that happy, stress-free, party-anywhere fete for anyone. The BuffBoo Records/Clones produced track is driven by Reggaeton undertones and infectious Soca tempo and Jazzy vocals.

Penned by Bodine, ‘Single by Choice’ is the anthem for any one enjoying the single life and those reminiscing on good times.  From Intoxicated to Single by Choice, Bodine makes sure all Caribbean Islands are covered with her Jazzy Vocals and tropical riddims.



“Single By Choice” – Video


2011 Music Release from BuffBoo Records Recording Artist, Bodine Johnson – Single by Choice

Leave the stress at the office
It’s time to play,
Life’s good
Live it to the limit everyday.
And now I wining oy
Liming oy
Do my own ting, in my own timing oy
Shoes off and my feet diggin in the sand,
Hair loose bibbin with my drink in my hand,
Not a bone in my body
And it’s time to jam.
I’m on the lose – ayyyy
Hold ya man.

Me and my girls taking jello shots by the bar
We havin fun boys coming from near and far
We on the dance floor, forget the law
Life’s good, ain nothing can stop we nah.

***Single by choice and not circumstance
Living life to the limit and that’s how we dance
Now we wining -oy, liming -oy,
Do my own ‘ting in my own timing – oy.

Set the lights down low,
Get in the corner,
And whine down slow.
Grind to the music
Now I wining -oy
Liming -oy
Do my own ting in my own timing -oy.
Watch mi bumper roll,
Hand on my head,
Music in my soul,
Bass hit my body
And I lose control,
No Paparazzi
I dancing — COLD
Cuz I dancing – COLD


Music make me sweat.
Shake out of we clothes.
Til we soakin wet
Work hard all week
Now it’s time to fete.
Dance where we want
Ain no disrespect
Ay ay – ay ay
Like I’m floating
Up off this floor
To a place
I ain been before.
Music sweet me
Boy give me more.
Now we partyin on the shore.