Andros Island


Bahamas vacationAndros is actually two islands, connected by a series of canals and cays called bights. It’s the largest landmass in The Bahamas and attracts divers, fishing enthusiasts, and sightseers.

Most of the island is uninhabited and unexplored. The main villages are Nicholl’s Town, Andros Town, and Congo Town – all are accessible by frequent boat and plane connections from Miami and Nassau. Lodgings range from large resorts to small, plain guesthouses that cater mainly to fishermen.

The world’s third-largest barrier reef lies off the coast of Andros, and divers come from all over the world to explore it. The reef plunges 1,800m (6,000 ft.) to a narrow drop-off known as the Tongue of the Ocean. Bonefishing here is among the best on earth, and Andros is also known for its world-class marlin and bluefin tuna fishing.

Known as the “Big Yard,” the central portion of Northern Andros is largely a dense forest of mahogany and pine where more than 50 varieties of orchids bloom. Southern Andros boasts a 40-square-mile forest and mangrove swamp. Any hotel can arrange a local guide to give a tour.

Getting to Andros

The Bahamas can be reached quickly by air or by sea. Easy access to The Islands Of The Bahamas makes this tropical playground a popular year-round vacation destination. Its proximity to Florida means just a short hop by jet, a pleasant day by cruise ship, or a memorable voyage by private or charter boat. Explore your options for travel to the Bahamas.

Getting between Islands of The Bahamas.

Charter Air – For information on air charters and charter air services visit the Bahamas Web Directory Bahamas Air Travel page.

Mailboat – Inter-island mailboats depart from Nassau and run weekly roundtrip to/from all islands. The mailboats are a leisurely way to get around. One-way passage to just about anywhere costs around $35, ranging up to $140 for some round trips. Remember, these mailboats run on Bahamas time, so they’re a great way to slow down to the steady rhythm of the islands. For a list of all Bahamas Mailboats with island destinations visit the Bahamas Mailboats page on

Private Boat – You can always charter a private boat to get you where you want to go, on your own time. You will find boat charter companies in the Bahamas Web Directory Bahamas Boats & Boating page.

Dining on Andros IslandAndros Restaurants

Andros, Bahamas offers a wide variety of restaurants and dining facilities to satisfy all pockets and palettes. Cuisine from around the globe can be found here with an emphasis on seafood and authentic Bahamian cuisine. We offer our comments from the establishments we have visited and from visitors recommendations.

Bucko Pearl Hide-Out Club – Duncambe Cappitt, Andros
Tel: (1-242) 369-3512

Angie’s Poop Deck Restaurant & Bar – Nicholl’s Town
Tel: 242-329-2162

Aquamarine Restaurant & Bar – Calabash Bay
Tel: 242-368-2064

Captain Neymour –  Cargill Creek
Tel: 242-368-5108

Fisherman’s Rest – Mangrove Cay
Tel: 242-369-0513

Land Crab Restaurant – Queen’s Highway, North Andros
Tel: 242329-4172

Oasis – Love Hill
Tel: 242-368-2393

Sea View Resstaurant and Bar – Behring Point
Tel: 242-368-4005

Three Kids Restaurant – Mangrove Cay
Tel: 242-369-0366

Andros Hotels

Mars Bay Bonefish Villa – Mars Bay Bone fish Villa – South Andros, Bahamas Bone fishing…

Kamalame Cay, Andros – A five star all-inclusive private island resort with 3 miles of pristine white sand beach; intimate marina rooms, romantic cottage & villa suites. Just off the coast of Andros, where world-renowned fly-fishing flats abound.

Small Hope Bay Lodge – Andros Island: Twenty beachfront cottages, all-inclusive rates. Diving, snorkeling, bonefishing. Bikes, kayaks, windsurfers, small sailboat and beachfront hot tub. Family owned/operated since 1960. Tel. 242-368-2014.

Tiamo Resort – Even before you arrive at Tiamo Resort, you begin to experience the natural beauty of South Andros. A pleasant, picturesque, fifteen-minute boat ride takes you through the waters of South Bight to a private, white sand beach that welcomes you to Tiamo Resort.

Andros Activities and Attractions

Andros IslandSet out to explore some of the 2,300 flora and fuana-filled square miles of Andros terra firma, or discover the abundant marine wildlife in its year-round 80ºF clear, blue waters. Or choose to not choose, and seek the best of everything Andros has to offer, inland and underwater.

Andros Barrier Reef

Fishers and divers flock to the third largest reef in the world.

Andros Lighthouse

Built in 1892 to mark the southern entrance to the Fresh Creek Channel. In 1952, three old canons were added in front of the Lighthouse and a tower built on the top. The cannons came from the “Cottsac” Schooner which wrecked on Stanyard Rock in the 1800’s.

Andros Wall

The most popular underwater wall in the Bahamas, best known for its diverse sites, from canyons to peaks and everything in between.

Androsia Batik Works Factory

Visitors can tour the premesis and learn how the colorful fabric called ‘batik’ is made.

Andros Beaches

Quiet stretches of pristine gold and pink sand beaches line the eastern shore of Andros Island. And because the sand is powder-soft and doesn´t get hot, you can walk for miles enjoying long stretches of uninhabited shoreline.

Bird Rock Lighthouse

Striking white lighthouse, named after the ospreys that nest there.

Blue Holes

Unique geology has formed these freshwater “holes” in the ocean off Andros that can be explored by diving or boat.

Forfar Field Station

For students and marine life enthusiasts, an opportunity to get hands-on experience in this unique environment.

Great Barrier Reef

One hundred and forty miles of beautiful coral reef: a diver’s paradise.

Church Windows

An intense, deep dive into an underwater cavern resembling a lofty Gothic cathedral.

Morgan’s Bluff

Explore the area where it is believed that pirate Sir Henry Morgan buried his treasure.


Nightclubs and bars such as Blue Bird Club (Driggs Hill),  Kemp’s Restaurant & Bar, Rodger Munnings Night Club, Sugar Shack and the New Happy Three Soca Club provide most of our evening entertainment on Andros. Visitors come in from the local sun and surf to enjoy some local live music and dancing.

Safari on Fresh Creek

This special tour takes adventurers into the wilds of Andros, one of the largest unexplored pieces of land in the Western Hemisphere.

Somerset Beach

This beach’s beauty is best seen at low tide for a clear, wide stretch of white sand.

St. Mary´s Catholic Church

Built in 1920, St. Mary’s is famous for several reasons: it was the first Catholic Church on the island, it had the first school on the island and it has the deepest hand-cut well on the island, at over 100 feet deep.

Andros Resources

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Andros Bahamas is a prime choice for a weekend getaway or an extended stay. Several airlines offer service to Andros. Take either a short flight from the East Coast of Florida or a quick hop from Nassau or Grand Bahama where there is good connecting service from all destinations around the world.