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Bahamianisation Has Destroyed The Bahamas

Bahamianisation, emotionally administered, has destroyed this country.

That is not a popular statement, but it is the truth, and the sooner Bahamians face the truth, the sooner will we see in top positions more qualified Bahamians, not only trained to international standards, but with a sound work ethic.

For 25 years, under the Pindling administration, an opportunity was lost to convince Bahamians that they had to work and study hard to qualify for employment. They were encouraged to believe that being Bahamian was the only passport necessary for the top jobs and the high life.

More people in this country were awarded contracts for which they were not qualified, while others suffered hypertension because they were appointed to government positions for which they had no ability. The country suffered, the people suffered and today — with D-minus averages to run our country — the whole nation still suffers.

The Bahamas is moving ahead faster than many of its people are willing to go. No nation can get very far with schools turning out D- graduates. Employers have been warning the country for many years that unless something is done to change the attitude of the work force, foreigners will always be needed. Eventually they will swamp the market.

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