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Castro: Israel Will Not Be First To Attack

The former CIA officers Phil Giraldi and Larry Johnson; W. Patrick Lang, of the Defense Intelligence Agency Special Forces; Ray McGovern, of the Office of Naval Intelligence and the CIA, as well as other top officials who have accumulated many years of service are right when they warn Obama that the Prime Minister of Israel has planned a blitzkrieg with the aim of forcing the United States into a war against Iran.

But, with the approval of Resolution 1929 of the UN Security Council, Israel succeeded in committing the United States to being the first to attack.

After that, Netanyahu would not be the first to do it, since such an action will force it into a conflict with all other nuclear powers and he is not stupid.

All of Iran’s enemies have created an absurd situation.  Obama would have no other choice but to order the death of hundreds of millions of innocent persons.  The crew members of his own warships deployed nearby Iran would be the first to die, and he is not a murderer.

This is what I think and I am not afraid of being wrong.

The worst case scenario would be if somebody makes a terrible mistake that would precipitate events before the deadline approved by the Security Council to inspect the first Iranian merchant vessel expires.

But there is no reason to be so pessimistic.

Fidel Castro Ruz

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