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Sage Advice For Bran McCartney

At a time when this country needs all of its citizens to focus on pulling together to ride out a turbulent economic storm many have not ceased to be distracted by election fever.

Since the 2007 election hardly a day has passed without a reminder that the focus is — not on the economy – but on the 2012 election. From what we hear — other than a political clique, mainly PLPs who are yet to concede their 2007 defeat, and a group of young, inexperienced Turks in both parties who want to push their leaders out and take over — the majority of Bahamians are sick of the political sabre rattling. They are worried about losing their jobs, their homes, paying school fees and utility bills — at times like these the politicians are an unnecessary distraction.

It might do Mr McCartney well to shut out the noise in the market place and consider the advice given by Hamilcar Barca, a Carthaginian general and statesman, to his famous son Hannibal, who later crossed the Alps on elephants in a useless attempt to defeat Rome…

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