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Ambulance Driver Talks Trash About Travoltas

Despite the fact that the Travolta extortion trial was called off, former paramedic Tarino Lightbourn is still trying to make money off the tragic death of Jett Travolta.

Lightbourn allegedly signed a non-disclosure agreement with the  Travoltas prior to Mr Travolta dropping the charges against the ambulance driver and his cohort, Pleasant Bridgewater, a PLP Senator at the time.  Bridgewater later resigned from the senate after she was arrested.

But Tarino’s still running his mouth about what happened the night Jett died, hoping someone, somewhere will make him rich.

The discredited former ambulance driver has given an extensive three hour interview to the Daily Mail, a paper in England.

During a dramatic five-week trial in Nassau last September, Lightbourne and Bridgewater were accused of demanding $25 million from Travolta for the return of a worthless indemnity form signed by the star – which suggested Mr Travolta wanted to fly his sick son to Florida, to get him better care than the local hospital could provide.  Travolta quickly changed his mind and the boy was taken to the local hospital.

Forces in the Bahamian legal community intentionally waylayed that first trial by having a member of the PLP tribe, Picewell Forbes, prematurely claim on television that one of the defendants had been found not guilty. This caused the judge to declare a mistrial.

The judge, who allegedly may have been “in” on the plot to disrupt the trial,  curiously refused to punish the big-mouthed Forbes, despite the fact that he had skewered an important trial and surely was in contempt of court.

A re-trial was due to begin this month. But last week, in an unexpected move, Mr Travolta dropped the case that has privately consumed him for months and which has cost millions in legal fees.
The article in the Daily Mail is written by David Jones who is, apparently, easily fooled and not much of an investigative journalist.
In the poorly researched article, Jones admits that Lightbourne is not always the easiest man to deal with, and, “at times his behaviour makes you question his story.”  But that does’t stop Jones from believing every word form the lying Lightbourn’s lips.
Lightbourn is one of those Bahamians who goes about claiming to be a “devout Christian” but, like most Bahamians who make that claim,  his actions don’t seem to support the words.  It is always the most unChrist-like who go about proclaiming their Christianity.  One look at at all the corrupt pastors in The Bahamas will prove this.
Indeed, Tarino Lightbourn’s behaviour is nothing short of disgraceful, possibly criminal.
Lightbourn, illegally and immorally, stole the consent form that John Travolta had signed requesting that Jett be taken to the airport instead of the hospital.
Even Lightbourn’s own attorney, Carlson Shurland, maintains that his client was an ‘opportunist’.
Jones ends his lame article speaking of Travolta, “And so the unanswered questions about the death of the son he loved so much will continue to cast a shadow across his glittering career.”
More realistically, this article will continue to cast a shadow across Jone’s own not so glittering career.
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