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Arawak Homes Demolishes a Family’s Home ‘Without Warning’

The Wood family came home Friday to discover that their house had been demolished by Frank ‘snake’ Wilson’s Arawak Homes company.

Sifting through the rubble, a family of six says their home took eight years to complete but was knocked down in minutes, without warning, by employees of Arawak Homes.

The house was completely furnished and contained all of the family’s belongings.  Family members were shocked that the remains of their home were not simply pushed aside or dumped in one place, but scattered several yards away from the original location with nearly all of their appliances gone.

Arawak Homes at first denied involvement but later released a press statement admitting that the home demolition was carried out under orders of Mr Franklyn Wilson.

Wilson, who has earned the nickname ‘snake’ for his questionable business practices, recently ordered the destruction of a church that he also alleges was on Arawak Homes land.

Much of the land that Frankie Wilson claims he owns is rumoured to have been gotten by hook or crook during the corrupt Pindling administration. His holdings allegedly include vast parcels of former generation and government-owned land, as well as property obtained through the quieting of titles, an unscrupulous but legal procedure often abused by lawyers and real estate agents.

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