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Bahamian Police Caught Soliciting Bribes

Two young boys were travelling by car in Elizabeth estates when they were pulled over by a police car containing three officers. One of the officers got the names of the two young boys,Ā entered them inĀ his computer and informed one of them that the records showed that he had a traffic violation. The young boy admitted that he did and the fine had been paid. They then informed the two boys that they found a paper clip outside the car so “they must have been smoking marijuana.”

They then informed the two boys that they could lock them up for the weekend but if they gave each officer $100 they would let them go. One of the boys had just collected his asue and between them they had $269 so the police settled for that.

So, the next time youĀ hear that a crime has been committed and someoneĀ asks where the police are, you can tell them – they are somewhere frightening innocent people into giving them a bribe.

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