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BUT Head Promises To Stop Fighting

Newly-elected and reinstalled president Belinda Wilson promised to bring an end to the ongoing fighting within the Bahamas Union of Teachers, warning that resignations would be expected of those who could not work together with her team.

The fighting had permeated the election process and even threatened to stop Mrs. Wilson’s installation. Opposing candidate, Frances Friend held a press conference earlier the same morning during which she stated that Mrs Wilson and her team could not be installed because the election results had not yet been certified due to allegations made by Ms. Friend’s team regarding irregularities in the voting process.

However, Mrs. Wilson showed up with a certified copy of the results and the installation proceeded. Ms. Friend questioned the authenticity of the certified results and despite requesting a copy, she was not given one.

In ensuing statements Ms. Friend alluded to the fact that in June Mrs Wilson and her team had received a vote of no confidence, which was supported by over 200 delegates and opposed by only six people.

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