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Exploitation of Marine Resources Must Be Carefully Weighed

Blogger Larry Smith reminds Bahamians that fishing accounts for about 3 per cent of our economy, supports several thousand jobs, and earns just under $100 million a year, mostly from exports of lobster and conch.

But, he says, there is much more to it than that.

Our marine ecosystems provide vitally important goods and services, supporting traditional fishing communities, as well as a lucrative tourism industry that draws snorkelers, divers and sport fishermen from around the world.

And without a reasonably healthy environment, our quality of life would be greatly impaired – just imagine not being able to catch a few fish or conch for dinner on the out islands.

This means that exploitation of our marine resources must be carefully weighed, using the best information available, so they are not carelessly wasted for short-term gains accruing to a few individuals.

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