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Forces in Play To Deny Justice To American Shot in The Bahamas

Bahamas newspapers are reporting that the New Jersey police officer who was shot two years ago while vacationing in the country gave “conflicting testimony” in the Supreme Court when compared with previous police statements taken back in 2008.

The “conflict” is irrelevant but it appears to be the start of an attack on the credibility of the victim, similar to the attacks made on John Travolta’s attorneys who were witnesses in the Pleasant Bridgewater extortion trial.

Part of the plan to pervert justice in the Bahamas always relies on delaying the trial as long a s possible to confuse things and give corrupt legal forces time to “reinvent” the facts, dispose of witnesses or lose files.

On May 19, 2008, U.S. police officer John Casper gave Bahamian police a statement recounting how he had been shot, and his friend robbed, while on the Cable Beach strip.

At the time, he told police that the suspects were both skinny men.

However, defence lawyers have seized on the petty fact that Mr Casper may have given a slightly different description of the crooks when he testified in the trial on Tuesday.

In court, the police sergeant claimed that only one of the suspects was skinny, the other he described as being “stalky.”

Twenty-three-year-old Bradley Saunders and 19-year-old Ebenezer Sherman are accused of attempting to murder Mr. Casper and attempting to rob Joan Algios back on May 14, 2008.

Under cross examination by Sherman’s attorney, the notorious and allegedly corrupt, Godfrey ‘Pro’ Pinder, Officer Casper admitted that he knew the police had some men in custody prior to giving a second statement on June 5, 2008.

However, he denied the suggestion that the police told him who the two accused were so that he could give a detailed description of them in his statement.

He also denied that he was anxious for the Bahamian police to charge the man who shot him and that local police officers were attempting to frame both the accused.

And so, the game continues. Soon, two more crooks will be returned to the streets to terrorize innocent, law-abiding citizens, thanks to the dysfunctional legal system in The Bahamas.

More importantly, the reputation of the Bahamas, to never prosecute one of their own – no matter what heinous crimes Bahamians perpetrate on foreigners – lives on.

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