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IOM Helping Bahamians Reintegrate

Garvey Burrows was born in The Bahamas on 8 March 1973 to a Bahamian father and a Jamaican mother.  Garvey and his family migrated to the United States 31 years ago.

After serving a prison sentence in the United States he was involuntarily returned to The Bahamas on 4 November 2009.

Prior to his return flight, he had never visited or lived in New Providence; he was born on Grand Bahama, another island in the archipelago of The Bahamas.

When Garvey arrived, he found himself in his country of birth but without any financial or family support, no place to stay and no identification documents, even to secure employment.

With the assistance of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) Reintegration Project and one of its partners, Great Commission Ministries, Garvey was provided with temporary shelter and was eventually able to secure employment and a place to stay.

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