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Mother Pratt Fears Gang Wars

Actually, what Mother Pratt fears is a backlash over the PLP’s reign of crime.

Cynthia Pratt has expressed concern that years of having the PLP cultivate a criminal mentality and the party’s slackness towards crime is now taking its toll on Bahamian society.

Former Deputy Prime Minister Cynthia Pratt thinks a gang war could break out in her troubled constituency.

She is concerned that rivalry between youth gangs could escalate into a full-fledged gang war on the streets of Nassau.

The Tribune attributes this gem of wisdom to the St Cecelia MP, “I believe if I teach you to fish then we can all live in the same community and I won’t be bombarding you or you bombarding me.”

Sounds like something Sarah Palin would say.

But Ms Pratt fails to accept responsibility on behalf of her PLP party for their role in creating the mess that is now Bahamian society.

Years of PLP inaction have led to our current crime crisis.

Thirty years of Lynden Pindling’s corrupt empire, followed shortly after with Perry Christie’s moral vacuum, is the reason we are where we are.

Pratt prattled on about peace and love, talking about “bridging the gap” between street gangs, all the while ignoring years of her own party’s encouragement of criminality.

Her hypocrisy is startling. Peace and love start at home.

Pratt’s own son, a policeman no less, was arrested for allegedly raping two teen-age girls he was supposed to be supervising.  The accusations are similar to those made against religious con man Randy Fraser, another member of the PLP elite.  Pratt’s son was acquitted but many believe it was only because the PLP perverted justice in their usual way. Buy the judge, rig the jury, intimidate the witnesses, lose the files, mix up the court schedule… all in a day’s work for a PLP lawyer.

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