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Fisherman On Catching A Shark With A Body Inside

Last month Bahamian portfolio manager, Humphrey Simmons caught a shark that had eaten a man. The man’s body was found inside after the shark unexpectedly spat out a human foot.

“When you’re pulling up a grouper or a red snapper, a shark will come along and eat it off your line,” he explains. “It’s a common occurrence.”

Simmons had been fishing with two friends.

“We weren’t trolling or anything (fishing while driving at a slow pace),” he explains. But an “unusually heavy” tiger shark suddenly caught on his line. They pulled the shark up with the intentions of cutting the hook out of its mouth and releasing it, when the shark regurgitated a human foot.

“The leg popping out was a shock at first but because it was starting to decay, it didn’t look that real,” he says. “The skin was starting to come off and you could see all of the muscle tissues (fibers) – some were white and some were red with blood.”

According to Simmons the morticians, who cut the shark open and removed the human body parts, handled the situation with the utmost respect.

“They cut the shark’s body open and you could see the right leg and the two arms and the torso, which was cut in two,” he says. “The skin was like jelly coming off the rib cage.”

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