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How Long Before Crime Destroys The Bahamas?

The time has come to take the gloves off and let Government get real serious about crime in the country or everything else will be for naught.

It has become common for criminal cases to make it to court and the lawyer acting for the defense requests a postponement which is granted and the people who were called as witnesses are told that they will have to appear on a new date. At the new date another postponement is requested, it is granted and the witnesses are told again that they will have to appear on a new date. If it is postponed a third time the victim has lost patience and drops all charges. The defending lawyers and the defendant know that this is a possibility. So, they have won and the criminal is free to rob again.

This nonsense must stop. Now.

It is long past time to remove the revolving door at the prison so that the criminals who are terrorizing us are not back on the streets doing the same thing in a couple of months.

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