Woman Injured in Abaco Shark Attack

A woman was injured after being attacked by a shark while surfing near Elbow Cay, Abaco, Saturday afternoon.

While surfing with her husband and some friends around 3:00pm on Saturday a woman from Hope Town, Abaco, was attacked by what witnesses think was a lemon shark.

Ronald Engle said his wife Jane received bite marks between her left ankle and knee that required nearly 100 stitches.

Mrs Engle,  who was in shock after the incident, was transported by boat, then automobile, to a nearby medical center.

Her husband said there was no threat of her losing her leg.

He also said that the shark was yellowish-brown in colour and between five to six feet long.

The attack appears to have been an isolated event for this area, as there have not been any reports of other attack in years.

Not true of Nassau, where only a few weeks ago, the remains of a man were found in the stomach of a 12-foot tiger shark.

The incidents have reopened the debate about whether or not it is wise to encourage shark-diving and feeding adventures in The Bahamas as it brings sharks, with an expectation of receiving food, in close contact with humans.