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Christie Drops Nuisance Senate Lawsuit

Opposition Leader Perry Christie has dropped his appeal against a decision handed down by former Chief Justice Burton Hall, two years ago, in relation to a dispute that erupted over Senate seats after the 2007 general election.

Christie was represented in the matter by attorney Damian Gomez, who confirmed to the Court of Appeal yesterday that the appeal has been withdrawn.

Gomez told The Nassau Guardian his side has decided that it was pointless to continue to press the matter at this stage.

He added, “We didn’t have the evidence in the Supreme Court showing that (Senator) Tanya Wright is in fact an FNM. It made more sense to kill it and move on.

“While being in court is an exciting pastime the money could be better spent on campaigning.”

As previously reported by The Nassau Guardian, Christie was asking the appellate court to determine that the former chief justice erred when he ruled that the appointment of attorney Tanya Wright to the Upper Chamber was valid.

Wright occupies one of the Senate positions that was in dispute.

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