Sports Legend Involved In Arawak Homes Land Scandal

Bahamian sports legend, Thomas A. Robinson, is one of the principals in the controversial land dispute surrounding Pinewood Gardens subdivision and involving the ill-reputed Arawak Homes Limited (AHL).

Mr. Robinson was named as a director of C.B. Bahamas Ltd in 1986 along with George Capron and De’ynza Burrows. The company aimed to acquire ownership of thousands of lots in the Pinewoods Gardens subdivision but was deterred when courts ruled that they did not have clear title.

According to a Tribune article, the subdivision was initially being developed by foreign-backed company Pinewood Gardens Ltd in 1972 but in 1983 Arawak Homes Limited acquired 3,305 of the 3,500 lots from that company through liquidation.

Since that time AHL has had five major and concurrent land ownership challenges under the Quieting Titles Act in Nassau Village. In 1985, Thaddeus Johnson claimed that for the past 40 years he had been farming on the disputed lots and he was granted a certificate of title under the Quieting Titles Act. However, Mr. Johnson’s Certificate of Title was deemed “ineffective in law to constitute a good root of title to the land in question.”

In reaction to this Mr. Johnson quickly conveyed the land to Mr. Robinson’s company, C.B. Bahamas Ltd, which then immediately proceeded to launch legal action against the ill-reputed and scandal-ridden Arawak Homes for trespassing. However, an appellate court ruled against Mr. Robinson.