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Accused Housebreaker Was Out On Bail For Several Murders

The man who is accused of leading a housebreaking ring in Southwestern New Providence had his bail revoked.

Magistrate Derence Rolle-Davis revoked bial for yesterday revoked the bail David Cooper-Cunningham, 32, of Lifebuoy Street.

Prosecutor Sergeant Godfrey Brennen objected to bail because Cooper-Cunningham was already on bail for murder and armed robbery charges at the time of his arrest.

Cooper-Cunningham, whose street name is “Crocket”, also appeared before Rolle-Davis for the continuation of several of those armed robbery cases.

Cooper-Cunningham and two other men are also charged with the December 2009 murder of Darron Farrington at Strachan’s Corner.

Cooper-Cunningham was on bail for three other murder charges before the most recent accusations were made against him.

It was not disclosed which corrupt Bahamian judge or magistrate had granted bail to the accused murderder.  Bail is not supposed to be granted to accused murderers.  Bribery of judges by defence lawyers is suspected to be behind such legal corruption.

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