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Shane Gibson Accused of Criminal Acts… Again

Corrupt employees at BTC have reportedly “bugged” phone lines of FNM Members of Parliament and given confidential information to “bad boy” PLP MP Shane Gibson, according to the Punch tabloid.

Gibson is scrambling after evidence has reportedly surfaced that he received $750,000 in kickbacks when he was Minister of Housing.

Housing Minister Kenneth Russell, speaking in the House of Assembly, actually accused Gibson of corruption but was later forced to withdraw the comments.

Gibson, called “Shameless Shane” by the Punch, has reportedly enagaged in illegal activites in the past to keep him from getting into hot water. He once threatened to expose photos of FNM MPs with their sweethearts if the FNM revealed the names of the many homosexual PLP politicians that were listed in the late fashion designer Harl Taylor’s infamous diary.  Taylor was murdered in his own home, allegedly by a top ranking policeman who was working for a PLP politician. Taylor’s “black book” has since disappeared. It is suspected that a crooked police officer made the incriminating diary disappear.

Gibson was also involved in a scandal concerning the late Anna Nicole Smith. Pictures of Gibson engaging in a bedside romp with the former Playboy bunny surfaced back when she was living in The Bahamas. The high-profile scandal, which was recently mentioned in one of the leaked U.S. cables published by Wikileaks, resulted in Gibson’s resignation.

Accusations were made at the time that Gibson had fast-tracked Smith’s immigration permit, received bribes from Howard Stern and used his position to enrich his family members.

It is widely believed that the FNM government intends to prosecute Mr Gibson for corruption in the New Year.  Attempting to fend off an impending legal assault, Mr Gibson has reportedly engaged in illegal activities in an effort to discourage the government from taking step towards his prosecution.

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