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Justice Isaacs Releases Accused Triple Murderer

In what many consider another slap in the face to the police, Senior Justice Jon Isaacs yesterday allowed a man accused of three murders to be released on bail.

Isaacs, who some say is a danger to society, approved the release of Brandon Humes who is charged with the September 20, 2008 murders of Sirdino Smith, Lavardo Armbrister and Vanessa Williams.

Someone opened fire on the trio as they walked to their car around 2:00am. They had parked outside the Pitt Restaurant and Bar on Augusta Street.

Humes is to be fitted with an electronic monitoring device.

Humes’ lawyer, Murrio Ducille, is the same lawyer for many accused murders who have been granted bail by Justice Isaacs.

Legal observers have, in the past, requested an investigation into the relationship between Justice Isaacs and Mr Ducille.

Ducille argued for bail on the grounds of delay. He said Humes had already been in custody for 26 months. He also noted that Humes has not been arraigned in the Supreme Court and no trial date has been set.

In some cases where murderers are granted bail, it is believed that court delays are engineered specifically to allow this type of defence to be used.

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