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Senior Police Officer Accused of Tampering With Evidence

Concerns that top cops skew cases, hide files and pervert justice may be justified as junior officer files damning report on senior police officer.

The Punch tabloid reports that the junior officer has allegedly filed a report accusing a senior police officer of making a case file “disappear” and stealing evidence that would be damaging to an acquaintance of his.

The allegations suggest that the senior officer is part of a ring of gay officers who go to extraordinary means to cover up each other’s crimes.

The tabloid reports that the junior officer and his partner arrested a Customs guard performing sex acts with another man in a car parked at Arawak Cay.

The two men were allegedly charged and held overnight at a police station.

The Punch reports that the senior police officer is accused of stealing the case file and removing evidence that included a used condom found at the scene.

This corresponds with suspicions, expressed earlier, that a group of gay officers covered up the unsolved murders of handbag designer Harl Taylor and his alleged lover, COB professor Thaddeus McDonald.  There have been rumours that a jealous gay police officer was involved in the murders.

The pair were murdered in separate incidents that occurred only a few days apart, back in 2007.

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